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Yes, for most. The majority of children with ADHD will suffer the symptoms throughout their entire life.

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Q: Is ADHD a chronic illness
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Is ADHD a mental or physical illness?

ADHD is classified as a mental illness; it is not a physical illness.

Is osteoarthritis a chronic illness?

Yes osteoarthritis can be a chronic illness.

How do you use Chronic Illness in a sentence?

A common chronic illness is asthma and cancer.

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An acute illness is one that is very severe in that moment in time. A chronic illness is one illness, no matter what the severity, that lasts over a period of time, or goes into remission but comes back more than once. An acute illness can be chronic--- a severe illness lasting a while. An acute illness doesn't have to be chronic, though, and a chronic does not have to be acute (such as a chronic cough)

Is Stigma associated with chronic illness and disability?

Stigma associated with chronic illness and disability:

Where does ADHD come from?

ADHD is a mental illness which is either a genetic or a physcological disease.

What was Michael Phelps mental illness?


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why is it challenging to prognosticate for people with dying with chronic illness

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A chronic illness is an illness that reaccures. Usally in episodes. Episodes are when the symptoms are prominent. Sometime people who suffer from chronic illnesses have pain constantly. An example is chronic migraines a person may get migraine headaches everyday,weekly or monthly. These headaches can last weeks or hours. Getting the flu more than once is not a chronic illness. Some chronic illness are life threatening or can become life threatening.

Can you get your medical marijuana card for having ADHD?

In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card you need to have a chronic or debilitating condition. ADHD is a chronic condition. DJ MATUBO, You are an idiot.

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