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I was diagnosed about 5 years ago, and could see the ADHD all down the road behind me. As a female, the ADHD tends to manifest in a quieter way, withdrawing socially, daydreaming, etc, which has caused some people to believe it was a "little boy" disorder....a large percentage of females do not show hyperactive symptoms, but that could just be conditioning more than anything....Driven to Distraction is a good book on ADHD, with some parts referring to the different symptoms between genders.

I grew up as a girl with A.D.D. and was very hyperactive - more so than any boys in my class. As I grew older (high school) it became more related to chronic daydreaming, extreme "spaciness", detachment from surroundings.

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Q: Is ADHD different in women
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Who are famous women with ADHD?

if you mean famous women with ADHD : Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Connelly and Dakota Fanning have it.

What is the different names for ADHD?

ADHD and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Why does junk food cause ADHD?

It does not, it makes anyone hyper. Adhd is a whole different disorder

Does Strattera and Adderall have the same properties to treat ADHD.?

They are different Pharmacueticals but are both used for ADHD. Their method of Action will be slightly Different in creating the Effect

What age do you start to get alzheimer's when you have ADHD?

They are really two different things. If you have ADHD now you will not necessarily get dementia when you are older.

Can ADHD lead to depression?

Yes. ADHD symptoms can lead to different interpersonal conflicts and failures in school or work which can lead to depression. Seeking appropriate treatment for ADHD is recommended.

You started taking ADHD pills is it bad for your health?

If you are taking ADHD pills and you do not have ADHD, and were not prescribed that medicine, then it is not only for one illegal, but it is also bad for you, it will affect your body in a different way than people with adhd, because the adhd medicines target their brain and temporarily fixes the negative symptoms of adhd by altering the brain chemicals. If you do not have the same brain chemicals, then the medicine will have different effects on your body, so yes it may very well be bad for your health.

What is different about ADD and ADHD medications?

ADD and ADHD are the same disorder. ADD (attention-deficit disorder) is a depreciated term previously referring to ADHD without the hyperactive component. It is now known as ADHD predominately inattentive. The same medications are used to treat ADD and ADHD.

Can you have both ADD and ADHD?

No ADD and ADHD are different in most ways. ADD stands for Attention Ddeficit Disorder and ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. People with ADD are calmer or quieter then people with ADHD. The brainwaves are different too. ADD peoples brainwaves are slow and go from high to low points but ADHD peoples brainwaves are fast and low points making them hyperactive.

What is a good diet for a person to follow if they have ADHD?

Several different diets can minimize the symptoms of ADHD. These include a gluten free diet and low sugar diet. You can learn more about diets for ADHD here:

How do you deal with ADHD?

Talk to your doctor. Every person is different.

Is genetic the same as genes?

Yes... but u would use them at different times... ex. ADHD is genetic... or ADHD come from the family genes...

Is ADHD connected to moon phases?

No. ADHD is not connected with moon phases; however, behavior changes have been reported during different moon phases.

How do you date a girl with ADHD in High School?

just pretend liike she is a normal girl shes not all that much different jus cuz she has adhd

What is a good thesis statement for ADHD?

The learning disorder ADHD can affect children in different ways based on their ethnicity, age group, and geographic location

Is sleepwalking a symptom of ADHD?

No, not when the symptom occurs alone. Individuals with ADHD are more likely to suffer from different types of sleep problems including sleepwalking and insomnia.

Where can I find information on ADHD?

There are many different websites with information on ADHD. I recommend,,, and as they seem to be reputable sources for medical information.

What's and ADHD vitamin Where can I find it?

You can find more information about ADHD vitamins from your local nutritionist. They can provide many different vitamin options which allow you to manage your lifestyle.

Can concussions cause ADHD?

No; concussions can cause symptoms similar to ADHD, but it is not ADHD. ADHD is a developmental disorder of the brain that occurs in childhood.

Can gerbils get ADHD?

Sometimes they can get ADHD.

Were do people get adhd from?

ADHD is genetic. If you think they learned it somewhere, then that is a behavior disorder and not ADHD.

Is there a standard ADHD treatment that will work for every child?

No. Each child diagnosed with ADHD should be perscribed an ADHD treatment that will work for them. The same thing isn't going to work with every child. "Well, yes and no. ADHD treatment is different for each child affected, but there are standard medications and things like that which are used in each treatment."

Can you determine if you have ADHD without a medical test?

The diagnostic guidelines for ADHD varies in different countries and one could look up standards for a diagnosis, however only a doctor can officially diagnose and treat a person with ADHD. Possible risk factors for having ADHD include low birth rate/early birth, exposure to smoke or alcohol, and parents/siblings who have ADHD; a doctor would then make the final determination.

What types of women do men prefer?

Different men prefer different women the same as different women prefer different men.

How can adhd be treaded?

adhd can not be treated and pills or patches can help to calm you down but not cure the adhd!

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