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It's not hard, like Chemistry, you just have to know your stuff, and yes it is a lot work, a lot of reading and note-taking. Be prepared, and study early for the test.

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Q: Is AP World History hard or is it just a lot of work?
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This ? is from a AP world history work sheet....... This ? is from a AP world history work sheet.......

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World History is about the entire history of the entire world. It talks about the history of many religions, the history of ancient people and their civilizations, and, most importantly why and how these things happens.It's a difficult, college class that requires hard work and dedication.For example: Nature of the Neolithic Revolution, nature of patriarchal systems, importance of the introduction of bronze and iron, political structure of classical China, Greek approaches to science and philosophy, and diffusion of major religious systems.There are merely a few topics you will cover in AP World History.

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