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Q: Is A study check-list the same thing as a review sheet?
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What do you do when you have a social studes test and is scared?

you study! This is how. You look at every thing you are going to be tested on. (read) Then on a sheet of paper you write down. Then you ask a parent to make a test for you on that stuff on the sheet. You should get a A.

What is a study sheet?

A study sheet is a page full of observational drawings based on one thing like cave paintings for instance and notes to explain the drawings. If you need to do a cave paintings sheet you need to find artists work of caves and paint at least 4 observational drawings with notes to put on your study sheet or you need to draw caves from pictures on the internet or from books and explain whether you focused on tonal areas or the detail or the basic shape of the cave.

When writing a movie review one thing to consider is?

When writing a movie review, one thing to consider is

How do you be a expert?

To become an expert, study up on the subject a lot. Get to the point where you know pretty much every thing about the subject without a cheat sheet. At this point, you are an expert.

How do you put together Toy Story bed tent?

the thing comes with an instruction sheet... the thing comes with an instruction sheet...

Where can you find the apex study sheet answers?

In your study material. There is not going to be a website that will give you cheat answers because APEX actively patrols for that sort of thing and 1) you will be kicked out for cheating and 2) the website would be prosecuted

What is a print review?

a print review is some wierd thing no one likes

Does heat lighting mean sheet?

Yes. Heat lightning and sheet lightning are the same thing.

Which class of biochemicals can store some vitamins?

I'm doing that work sheet/study guide thing right now and I'm not absolutely sure, but I'm pretty positive it's lipids.

What is the difference between Excel sheet and spread sheet?

They are the same thing, excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet programme.

What is the smallest living thing that microbiology will study?

what is the smallest living thing microbiology will study

He was the Only President to have held pilot's license?

i had to do this for a hw sheet and another answer said Eisenhower and that was the only thing that fit my sheet because it was like a code thing so yeaa.........