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Adam Copeland (Edge) was in a relationship with Amy Dumas (Lita) sometime in 2005. The two have since broken up.

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Q: Is Adam Copeland in a relationship with Lita?
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Is lita in a relationship?

Yes with edge also known as Adam copeland

Is Adam copeland married to lita?

no that was only in the script..

When did lita and Matt hardy break up?

Lita, Amy Dumas, was involved in a relationship with Matt Hardy in 2000. However, the pair broke up in 2005 after it was confirmed Dumas had affair with Edge, Adam Copeland.

Is Lita married in real life?

No, she is not married; however, she has previously dated fellow WWE superstars Edge (Adam Copeland) and Matt Hardy, but sources say she is in a relationship with a member of her rock band Shane Morton.

Are Lita and the Hardy's still Team Extream?

No. Lita has retired, and after she did the dirty on Matt Hardy in real life with Adam Copeland (Edge), it's unlikely they'll ever work together again for a long term storyline.

Did Matt Hardy and Lita really break up or was it all for tv?

Matt Hardy and lita really broke up Matt hardy has a girlfriend and lita is single amy dumas (lita) is seeing edge (adam copeland) in real life as well as on tv. july 31, 2008 Matt is currently single and is Lita. Lita and Edge are no longer dating.Yes, they broke up

What is WWE edge's full name?

Adam Copeland Adam Joesph Copeland

Does Adam Copeland have a brother or sister?

Adam Copeland does not any brothers or sisiters

Is Adam Joseph copeland a vegetarian?

No! Adam Copeland aka Edge is not vegetarian.

How many pages does Adam Copeland on Edge have?

Adam Copeland on Edge has 254 pages.

What is the ISBN of Adam Copeland on Edge?

The ISBN of Adam Copeland on Edge is 978-0743483476.

When was Adam Copeland on Edge created?

Adam Copeland on Edge was created on 2004-11-04.

What is the sexual orientation of Adam Joseph Copeland?

Adam Joseph Copeland, better known as Edge, is heterosexual.

Who does Amy dumas date?

Lita (Amy Dumas) formerly dated WWE Superstars Matt Hardy and Edge (Adam Copeland). She is currently dating WWE Star CM Punk.

Who is Adam Copeland?


Is adam copeland gay?


Was Aaron Copland related to Adam Copeland?

No ... the spellings are different.Aaron Copland is a composer ... Adam Copeland is a wrestler.

When was Adam 'Edge' Copeland born?

Adam 'Edge' Copeland was born on October 30, 1973.

Who is lita married to?

Lita is married to Edge (Adam Copelan) and Kane (Glenn Jacob).

Who is Edge's mother?

Adam Joseph Copeland or Edge's mom is Judith Copeland.

What is the edge's name?

# Adam Copeland

Is Adam copeland married?

no,not no more

Does Adam copeland have any children?

No he does not

Does adam copeland have a girlfriend?

Yes he does

Is adam copeland a christian?