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Is Adderall an antidepressant?

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No, Adderall is a psychostimulant drug used mainly in the treatment of ADD and ADHD.

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Is aterol a stimulant or an antidepressant?

It is a stimulant. By the way, The proper spelling is Adderall

Can you mix antidepressant with Adderall?

Combining Adderall and other psychostimulants with with an SSRI, SNRI, TCA is becoming increasingly more popular with Psychiatrists, Psychopharmacologists. Psychostimulants have been used for decades before antidepressant meds. Combining the 2 gives a greater success rate.

Can you take an antidepressant with Adderall?

You can depending on what antidepressent your doctor has. for example I'm on aderal while taking an antidepressent

Can you take Adderall and Paxil together?

If you were already taking Adderall, your prescriber might chose another antidepressant as long as Paxil might interact with Adderall (blocking its elimination). You might experiment very strong side effects in taking those 2 drugs..

Can you take Zoloft and Adderall together?

the very simple answer is yes, I do it all the time and my depression is completely under control. however if you abuse adderall on a regular basis, like weeks on end then the comedown off of it can cause depression, but since you are already on an antidepressant it will counter act some of the depression, and I speaking from experience.

What happens when you mix adderall marijuana and Prozac?

Fluoxetine being an antidepressant and THC being a very complicated drug anyway, the Adderall is also a stimulant. Basically, your brain gets a lot of very confused messages and will most likely not be able to control its reactions. Hence, you risk some serious problems.

What is an Antidepressant?

An antidepressant is a medicinal drug used to treat depression.

What should you feel like when you take adderall?

supermom, seriously, works as an antidepressant for me and a really good pick me up too, along with what it is prescribed for, focusing on one or two issues, tasks, at a time. miracles happen

What are antidepressant drugs?

Antidepressant drugs are medicines that relieve symptoms of depressive disorders.

Is there an antidepressant that works the same way as oxycodone?

Oxycodone is not an antidepressant. It is a pain reliever. There is no antidepressant that works like a pain reliever. See your doctor and get what is best for you.

Is there an antidepressant that help stop smoking and not gain weight?

Chantix. While not an antidepressant, it is similar to Wellbutrin which is an antidepressant, and is also used to help smoking cessation.

Can you i take an antidepressant with Sudafed for nasal congestion?

Can you i take an antidepressant with sudafed for nasal congestion?

Which antidepressant that is also used to treat nocturnal enuresis in children?

Imipramine (a Tricyclic antidepressant)

What is perstic?


What is the best antidepressant to take with Adderall?

That one is a good question to ask your doctor. However, do not,under any circumstances, take an antidepressant that is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, or MAOI. These block the action of the neurochemical monoamine oxidase which is responsible for the breakdown of dopamine in the mesolimbic pathway of the brain. Adderall, or more specifically, dextroamphetamine causes the cascading release of dopamine in the brain which is it's primary action. Taking adderall with an MAOI can lead to toxic levels of dopamine in the brain leading to hypertensive crises, heart attack and death. Therefore, while you need to consult a doctor for the real answer, something like Zoloft or another selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI would have the least possible side affects.

What is nortriptyline?

Nortriptyline is an antidepressant from the tricyclic antidepressant class. (Trade name originally was Pamelor). In low doses it is used as an adjunctive treatment for chronic pain, including headaches and other types. In moderate doses it may be used as an antidepressant or "add-on" medication to another antidepressant.

Is Adderall a benzo?

no adderall is not a benzo

Is K2 and Adderall dangerous?


Is adderall a nitrate?

Adderall is not a nitrate.

Which antidepressant is best for nerve damage?

Cymbalta is an antidepressant and is also use for pain management and nerve damage.

What is a good antidepressant for anxiety and insomnia?

Of course, you will need to talk to your doctor first but Lexapro is a good antidepressant.

Can you mix Antidepressant and Verapamil?

I have been prescribed verapamil and an antidepressant so I know you can do it but it just depends on which one.

Is alochol an antidepressant?

No it is a depressant.

Is Lexapro an tricyclic antidepressant?


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