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Aflac is very comparable with other insurances. Alfac, Geico and Progressive are the leaders in car, home and life insurances. Aflac also provides motorcycle insurance.

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Q: Is Aflac Insurance comparable to other insurances?
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What are the different types of business insurances?

There are a great many different types of business insurance. Most companies will have a general liability insurance which covers the legal and other costs of everyday risks. Beyond this there might be property insurance for any buildings and equipment and liability insurance for products that are sold by the company. Some companies have professional liability insurance to cover any errors or malpractice that might occur.

How does life insurance differ from other type of insurance?

Life insurance is a contract providing for payment of a sum of money to the person assured or, failing him, to the person entitled to receive the same on the happening of certain event. A family is generally dependent for its food, clothing and shelter on the income brought in at regular intervals by the breadwinner of the family. So long as he lives and the income is received steadily, that family is secured, but should death suddenly intervene, the family may be left in very difficult situation and sometimes, in stark poverty. Uncertainty of death is inherent in human life. It is this uncertainty, that is risk, which gives rise to the necessity for some form of protection against the financial loss arising from death. Life insurance substitutes this uncertainty by certainty. By this way, life insurance completely differs from other types of insurances, specially the basic concept is different from other general insurance policies.

How does life insurance differ from other insurance?

Getting a life insurance is a good thing to protect you and your loved ones.

What different types of insurance are there?

There are mainly two types of Insurance, Life Insurance and General Insurance. Life insurance deals with the Securing the future of dependants of life assured. General Insurance deals with insurance of all other things life fire insurance, motor insurance, marine insurance etc.

Other than health insurance what types of insurance does USSA offer?

This company offers a variety of insurance types besides health insurance. These include auto, home and property insurance. They claim to have affordable and reliable insurance plans and will provide a free quote.

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What kind of insurance is tax deductible?

Insurance for one's personal property such as auto or homeowner's insurance is tax deductible. Other tax deductible insurances are medical and dental insurances.

Does Aflac provide supplemental insurance?

Supplemental insurance is just extra insurance than what you already receive. Aflak can provide you with this. They are good with life and other insurance matters.

Where can one find news about business insurances?

You can find news about business insurances online at the Business Insurance website. You can also receive business insurance quotes, as well as other information, at the Allianz website.

What country is Gio insurance available in?

GIO Insurance is in Australia offers a range of insurances from car insurance, home insurance, ... Other home insurance & funeral insurance are available

Other than breakdown insurance what else does More Than offer?

Other than breakdown insurance, More Than offers a wide variety of other insurances such as life insurance, car insurance, property insurance and home and pet insurance.

If you are in a major accident and the other driver is at fault can you get part of the money right away?

depends on your insurance. Some insurances allow you to go trough them and they cut you a check for the damage minus your deductible, other insurances make you go trough the other person's insurance and it's a waiting game.

What types of insurance does Churchill Insurance provide?

The Churchill insurance company offers several different insurance plans. The insurances include car insurance, as well as many other general insurance plans.

What kind of other insurance does ASDA life insurance offer and where can I find quotes?

ASDA offers various insurances including life insurance, pet insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance. Quotes for ASDA insurances can be found on the ASDA website or by contacting ASDA's customer service via phone at 0845 605 0145.

How much is it to obtain military insurance?

If you or a family member is enrolled in the military you receive health insurance at no additional cost. Other insurances such a car insurance are available for a cost.

Does safe auto insurance offer home insurance?

Home insurance is not offered by SafeAuto Insurance Company. Fortunately, there are many other companies that do offer both auto and home insurances.

How does Saga home insurance compare to other home insurances?

"Saga home insurance has been compared very poorly to other home insurances. Saga home insurance has been said to have poor customer service, low value for money, difficult website navigation, and a poor handling process and speed of resolution."

What kind of insurance does go compare have?

Go Compare, the website and company, mostly deals with auto insurances. They compare rates for numerous auto insuring companies, but they also have services for other types of insurances, including home, pet, and travel insurance.