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ali is not married, he has a long term girlfriend named sarah.

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When was Allister Carter born?

Allister Carter was born on July 25, 1979.

How old is Allister Carter?

Allister Carter is 32 years old (birthdate: July 25, 1979).

What is Allister Carter's birthday?

Allister Carter was born on July 25, 1979.

Who was Jimmy Carter married to?

Jimmy Carter was married to Rosalynn Smith Carter.

Is Dan Carter the All Black Married?

Dan Carter is not married.

Is lynda carter married?

Lynda Carter is married to Robert A. Altman .

How old was Rosalynn Carter when she was married?

Rosalynn Carter was 18 years old when she married Jimmy Carter. Rosalynn Carter was born on August 18, 1927. She married Jimmy Carter on July 7, 1946.

When did howard Carter get married?

Howard Carter was married in 1896. To the love of his life.

Who did Howard Carter get married to?

Howard carter got married to lady Elizabeth.

When was Allister Miller born?

Allister Miller was born in 1892.

When did Allister Miller die?

Allister Miller died in 1951.

When was Allister Hutton born?

Allister Hutton was born in 1954.

When was Allister Gall born?

Allister Gall was born in 1980.

When was Allister Sparks born?

Allister Sparks was born in 1933.

When did Allister Grosart die?

Allister Grosart died in 1984.

When was Allister Grosart born?

Allister Grosart was born in 1906.

When was Allister Brimble born?

Allister Brimble was born in 1970.

Is actor Ralph Carter married or single?

Is actor Ralph Carter married or single?

Where did Rosalynn Carter and Jimmy Carter get married?

The Carters were married at the Plains (GA) Methodist Church.

Is Ralph carter married or single?

Not Married

When was Jim Allister born?

Jim Allister was born on April 2, 1953.

When was Allister Bain born?

Allister Bain was born on 1935-01-01.

When was Allister Hogg born?

Allister Hogg was born on 1983-01-20.

When did Claud Allister die?

Claud Allister died on 1970-07-26.

When was Claud Allister born?

Claud Allister was born on 1888-10-03.