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Q: Is Ameila EarHart still alive
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Is ameila Earhart a pilot?

why did ameila earhart become a pilot!

What was ameila Earhart's mom's name?

Her mother was Amelia Otis Earhart.

What year did ameila Earhart die?


How did Ameila Earhart use math on the planes?

How did Amelia Earhart use math on the planes

What was Ameila Earhart's grandfather's name?

My Mommy's greasy

Who did Ameila Earhart marry?

George Palmer Putnam

Did ameila Earhart have a talent?

she flew a plan idddk

Why did Ameila Earhart fly across the Atlantic Ocean?

Wanted to

What kind of airplane did Ameila Earhart die on?

The kind that flies.

Who was the first lady to ride with Ameila Earhart?

Eleanor Roosevelt

Did Ameila Earhart have any nicknames?

One of her nicknames were Meelie

Did mafia was involved in Amelia Earhart's disappearance?

No it was not the mafia, but it was either humanerror or an accident that killed Ameila Earhart.