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Andy Taylor isn't a part of the band any more. As far as I've heard as a Duranie, in Andy's book I think, when they brought Red Carpet Massacre or another CD to a recording label, I think Sony, they denied it. He knew that if Sony (or whatever) denied it, then the album wouldn't really be a success such as all of their other albums. Now Dom Brown is the guitarist for Duran Duran. You should get Andy's new book, "Andy Taylor- Wild Boy- My Life In Duran Duran"

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Are Andy Taylor and john Taylor brothers from duran duran band?

None of the Taylors (Andy, Roger or John) are related.

Where does Andy Taylor live?

Andy Taylor is an English guitarist, known for his work with rock band Duran Duran. Andy currently resides in England.

Are Andy Taylor and John Taylor Related?

every duran duran fan knows, yes ! they are brothers.

List duran duran members?

Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor.

What are the names of duran duran?

originally Simon LeBon, Andy Taylor, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Roger Taylor (none of the Taylors are related.

What 80's band had three members with the same last name but weren't related?

The band is Duran Duran. John Taylor, Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor - none of whom are related.

How many people in duran duran?

There are currently four members in Duran Duran, but if you count their new guitarist, Dom Brown, there is five. Andy Taylor quit in 2007-2008. The other members are the same. Simon le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, and Nick Rhodes.

Is Duran Duran still a band?

Yes! After many splits and made up Duran Duran is still a band, albeit that Andy Taylor (re-joined in 2001) quit in 2007 again and now they have Dom Brown on guitar. In fact, their new album (a collaboration with Mark Johnson) is to come out soon! visit www.DuranDuranmusic for updates!

The cast of the Duran Duran video?

I'm not certain what you mean -- are you referring to a specific Duran Duran music video? The models who appear in some of them are known, and some aren't. If you're referring to the members of the band, they are: * singer Simon Le Bon * keyboardist Nick Rhodes * bassist John Taylor * guitarist Andy Taylor or Warren Cuccurullo (depending on the era) * drummer Roger Taylor

What song did duran duran sing from James Bond movie?

Duran Duran did the song A VIEW TO A KILL. Considered as their last hit around that time since shortly afterwards or around that time they all split up. Andy Taylor and John Taylor worked with Tony Thompson and Robert Palmer to form Power Station while Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor went to form Arcadia. (too much info :-s)

Which 2 groups did duran duran split into?

John and Andy Taylor along with Robert Palmer formed Power Station. Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon, supported by Roger Taylor formed Arcadia. John has a brief scene in the iconic video to Arcadia's "The Flame".

Is there a new band called Duran Duran or is it the same band as 25 years ago?

Yes, Duran Duran has never broken up. They have gained and lost members, and changed record labels a couple of times, but have been recording and performing pretty much continuously since 1980. The original lineup was singer Simon Le Bon, bassist John Taylor, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, guitarist Andy Taylor, and drummer Roger Taylor. (None of the Taylors are related) This is the lineup that released four hit albums and a dozen hit singles between 1980 and 1984. Le Bon and Rhodes have stayed with the band throughout its history. After that, Andy and Roger Taylor left the band, and they added guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (and hired various sessions drummers for recording and touring). John Taylor left the band in 1997. The original five members re-united for one album in 2003, then Andy Taylor left again. The current lineup is Le Bon, Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor.

Who played Andy Griffith?

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Who is the original member of black veil brides?

The only still in the band member that was there from the begging is Andy Biersack,

When was Andy Taylor born?

Andy Taylor was born on February 16, 1961.

How many band members were in Duran Duran?

Currently: Four. The classic line-up from their heyday had five -- their Rolling Stone cover story called them "The Fab Five".According to the official line ups are: Stephen Duffy, Simon Colley, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor (1978-1979)Andy Wickett, Alan Curtis, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor (1979)Jeff Thomas, Andy Wickett, Alan Curtis, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor (1979)Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor (1980-1985)Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor (1985-1990)Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo, Sterling Campbell (1990-1991)Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo (1991-1997)Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, Warren Cuccurullo (1997-2001)Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor (2001-2006)Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor (2006)

What religion was Sheriff Taylor?

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What actor starred as Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith show?

Andy Samuel Griffith played the role of Sheriff Andrew "Andy" Jackson Taylor on "The Andy Griffith Show" .

Where did Opie Taylor get his name?

From Andy Taylor

How many copies did the the album astronaut by duran duran sell?

in andy taylors book, "wild boy" he puts a figure of 1million copies of Astronaut worldwide

Are Andy Sixx and Scout Taylor-Compton still dating?

No. They broke up July 2010. Andy broke up with her when she used him to get someone else jealous. It is said that they are still friends though.

How old is Andy Taylor?

UK guitarist Andy Taylor is 56 years old (birthdate: February 16, 1961).

Who played the tv role by Andy griffth?

Andy Griffith Played Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Who played the saxophone in the Duran Duran video Rio?

Andy Hamilton played the saxophone in the studio recording (and on tour), but in the video, filmed in Antigua, it is bassist John Taylor miming playing the sax on top of the cliff, and keyboardist Nick Rhodes doing the same (while nearly losing his balance) on a raft in the shallow waters off Shirley Heights.

What is Andy Taylor's birthday?

Andy Taylor was born on February 16, 1961.