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no because ariana grande is the most beutiful girl i have ever seen


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Is Ariana Grande dating zayn?

No, shes dating Jai Brooks

Is jai brooks single?

No, He is currently dating Ariana Grande

Who is Ariana Grande dating in 2013?

Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

Is Ariana Grande single?

No, Ariana Grande is dating Jai Brooks, a member of the Australian YouTube group The Janoskians.

Are Ariana Grande and mac miller dating?

No they were just kissing on the video called the wayNo, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are not in a relationship. Ariana Grande is currently dating Jai Brooks.

Is Ariana Grande and mac miller dating?

No she is dating Jai Brooks who lives in Australia and is from the Janoskians.

Are Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande dating?

No, they are friends, Ariana was just joking. Ariana's boyfriend is Jai Brooks.

Who is ariana dating?

ariana is curently dating jai brooks

Who is older Ariana Grande or jai brooks and by how much?

Ariana Grande is older and by 2 years. Ariana is 19 and Jai is 17. :)

Is Ariana Grande going out with jai brommer?

its Jai Brooks and because she loves him probably lol

Does Ariana Grande have a boyfriend in 2011?

Yes, her current boyfriend is Jai Brooks.

How many boyfriends has Ariana Grande had?

I think Jai Brooks was her only boyfriend

Is Ariana Grande dating ma miller?

No, she is not. They only did a song together. Even though in the music video of "The Way", they kissed, she isn't dating him. She is currently dating Jai Brooks.

Did Ariana Grande cheat on jai brooks?

I think so... With The Wanted's Nathan Sykes

How did Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande meet?

I believe that one day she just finally noticed Jai brooks' love for her haha :p If you are referring to face to face, they soon will..

Is Jai Brooks engaged to Ariana Grenade?

No, they are just dating. Ariana said in one video that they were "married" but obviously that was a joke.

How long has Ariana Grande been dating jai brooks?

they were dating since 2012 I think dated for 11 months and before their one year anniversary, broke up and she dated Nathan in 2013 right after then broke up and was with jai since May 1 2014

Is Ariana Grande cheating on jai brooks again?

She was actually caught kissing one of her fans at a concert and went to the movies with that fan

Who is Jai Brooks?

Jai Brooks is a member of The Janoskians which is a YouTube comedy group. Jai was also Ariana Grande's ex boyfriend.

Does Ariana Grande like justin bieber?

No, she doesn't like him because she's dating Jai Brooks.nah, she really doesn't look like she does. I could be wrong though, considering that I am not her and that she is the only one that can truthfully answer this.

Does jai brooks have a gilrfriend?

Ariana Grande is Jai's girlfriend. he confirmed it on twicam on the 9th of October 2012.I ask one thing of you, please do not hate on them.

Did Ariana Grande used to date jai?

yeah, they did. they WERE really cute and all the fandom ship them...it's sad that they had to drift away. Also, ariana is currently dating nathan sykes.

Is Mac Miller dating Ariana Grande?

No, Ariana Grande's track features rapper Mac Miller who got very up close and personal, at one point they even kiss, but Ariana is dating singer Jai Brooks, a member of the Australian YouTube group The Janoskians, so we asked her if she was in trouble: 'No way he trusts me, I'm an actress so I have to kiss people it's not real, recently I played Snow White and I had to get kissed every night by the guy who played the Prince, it's just my job. Mac and I are just friends we are not dating 100 percent."

Does big Sean have a crush on Ariana Grande?

Well here's the story Ariana grande used big Sean to make jai brooks feel bad at the moment they fell in love with each other so they became boy friend and girl friend so yes! He does have a crush on her but unfortunately they broke up because of the justin bieber thing...

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