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Q: Is Asda an international company
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Is Asda national or international?

Tesco is a global/international company, because it operates in many countries worldwide.

Is asda a public limited company?

Yes asda is a public limited company. Asda's shares can be bought on the share market so that makes itpublic limited company.. Hope I helped.

Where can one find information about the company Asda Opticians?

There are a number of places where one can find information about the company ASDA Opticians. The Manta website, and ASDA Opticians own website both contain information about the company.

Who are the owners of ASDA?

Walmart, which is an American company

What type of business company is asda?

Plc public limited company

Is Asda Mobile located in the UK?

ASDA mobile is known as a Mobile Virtual Network Operato. ASDA mobile is operated by Vodaphone, a UK based company.

Who owns asda supermarket?

No. Asda is owned by the American company, Walmart whilst Tesco is British owned.

what are some benefits for Asda reward card?

The benefits of asda car insurance is that you can receive extensions without penalty. You can join ASDA for free and then have a quote generated. It is a good company.

What noun is asda?

The noun 'Asda' is a proper noun, a shortened form of Asda Stores Limited (a British supermarket retailer); the name of a specific company. A proper noun is always capitalized.

What type of business is asda?

PLC Public limited company

Is Walmart a plc?

yh in America but asda is part of the company

Is Asda a british company?

no it is part of wallmart which is american.