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Is Becky G and Cher Lloyd sister?


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No they just did a song together


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cher lloyd and becky g

No, but they did a song together. They did "Oath".Hope this helps!

Yes, Becky G has a sister and two brothers.

Nope, they're not related.

No, they are not sisters. Becky G does have a sister and two brothers, but Selena Gomez has a younger sister named Gracie.

Becky G got a record deal after famous songwriter Dr. Luke heard a YouTube of her rapping Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis.”Many people were introduced to Becky G through Cher Lloyd's single "Oath," which Becky G wrote and is featured in.

Of course not, Selena Gomaz doesn't have a sister.

Nope, they're not related, they just worked together on her song Oath.

no selena and becky are not ''sister's'' just because they have the same last name and middle name

How did becky g get noticed

She has one younger sister. Her song "Otis" includes the line "two brothers, a little sister."

yes becky g is mexican :)

What is Becky g number

No, she has one sister and two brothers, all from the same parents. They are of Mexican heritage.

Becky G.'s last name is Gomez.

Becky G is 17 years old, and not yet married.

Becky G is a Mexican-American that grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Becky G speaks English and a Mexican dialect of Spanish.

No. Becky G is not pregnant,so stop buzzing in peoples life

No SELENA GOMEZ and becky g are not sisters yes they do look familar but no not the same last name are nothing to much rumors

Becky G's father is Alexander Gomez.

Becky G turned 16 years old in March of 2013.

Becky G (Rebbeca Gomez) is 21 years old (birthdate March 2, 1997).

Becky G's parents were originally from Mexico.

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