Is Better Trades a scam?

Yes. They take thousands of dollars from trading seminar attendees under the guise that anybody can get rich trading options. Most of the attendees are not suited for this type of investing and do not stand a chance of long term success. At the end of the $2,000/+, two-day course that they're pushing, BetterTrades starts selling customers expensive software and subscriptions, costing in the thousands. The representatives from BetterTrades explain that without the expensive software, you won't really succeed, despite having already spent so much.

IT IS NOW $3,999

I dont think it is a scam. I learned some very uselful things in the market essentials training and I was coming from not knowing anything about trading. Also, they are very transparent about the pricing from the very begining. You get what you pay for and everybody is always looking for the free or cheapest way. Bottom line is the biggest complaint I hear is "expensive". If it is "expensive" to you then it is not for you. It is for people who are in a position to purchase valuable things.

Well, this is a tough one to answer. I went through the program, and while I agree that I was taught MANY things that have helped me to purchase stocks and options, I am by no means a millionaire or wealthy from it and haven't even made enough to recover the $5,000.00 or so I paid for the materials. You can spend upwards of over $12,000.00 on their "tools", and they are very much upfront about the costs before you buy. There's no hidden costs. But, this is much more expensive than it should be (or needs to be) and they over simplify the knowledge and research required to be a successful trader. That on top of playing on your passion to get rich is what they rely on. Truth is, you can do just as well without their seminars and tools. There are a lot of free seminars and you can use the tools that your online stock broker provides, which in most cases are identical to that which you would get from Better Trades. I like OptionsXpress, they have some great free tools, some reasonably priced tools to purchase, and have a lot of free seminars about all the different aspects of trading stocks and options. There are a lot of other companies out there that offer similar things, so there's really no need to go and spend this much money if you do your research and take advantage of what is free out there.

Good luck!