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Q: Is Bharat sevak samaj certificate recognize for immigration and job out of india?
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Why does India have two names India and Bharat?

The name India is the English word and Bharat is the Hindi word.

What are the 8 names of India?

India Bharat

What is the nickname of India?

the nickname for India is bharat

What is difference between India and bharat?

Both the names are for the one country. India in English and bharat in Hindi.

Which sport is related to Bharat kesari trophy in India?

The Bharat Kesari is a wrestling tournament in India. Winners receive the Bharat Kesari Trophy.

When did Bharat Bhushan die?

Bharat Bhushan died in 1992, in India.

When was Bharat Bhushan born?

Bharat Bhushan was born in 1920, in India.

Where was Bharat the brother of Lord Ram born?

Krishna Bharat, was born in India

When was Bharat Rangachary born?

Bharat Rangachary was born in 1953, in Bombay, India.

When was Bharat Nalluri born?

Bharat Nalluri was born in 1965, in Guntur, India.

Where does the mango traditionally from?

India or Bharat

How did India got name Bharat Vars?

King bharat all war time piriad callead bharat vars