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Q: Is Bristol cathedral school a private school?
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What school did Banksy go to?

Graffiti artist, Banksy, attended Bristol Cathedral School. The school was founded in 1140. In 2008 it changed its name to Bristol Cathedral Choir School.

When was Bristol Cathedral Choir School created?

Bristol Cathedral Choir School was created in 1140.

When was Bristol built?

Bristol Cathedral was created in 1888.

What has the author Maurice Henry Fitzgerald written?

Maurice Henry Fitzgerald has written: 'The story of Bristol cathedral' -- subject(s): Bristol Cathedral (Bristol, England), Cathedrals

What has the author Edwin Thomas Morgan written?

Edwin Thomas Morgan has written: 'A history of the Bristol Cathedral School'

Where is Bristol cathedral located?

Bristol Cathedral is located at College Green, West End, Bristol BS1 5TJ. Anyone can visit the Cathedral during visiting hours 365 days a year. Its architecture is impeccable which makes it a tourist attraction and magnet.

Where did banksy study?

At the elitist Bristol Cathedral School what in Britain is inappropriately called a "Public School". It probably this elitist connection which has protected him from prosecution for vandalism.

How many secondary private schools are there in Biliran province?

There are two private secondary schools in the Biliran province. The first school is Cathedral school of La Naval, and the second private school in Biliran province is Light Bringer Center.

Where is Bristol elementary school?

Bristol Elementary School is located in Bristol, Vermont.

When was Orchard School Bristol created?

Orchard School Bristol was created in 1957.

When was Bristol Free School created?

Bristol Free School was created in 2011.

When was Bristol Grammar School created?

Bristol Grammar School was created in 1532.