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One can only hope he is at the very least Bi.

false...hes straight!

That whole thing with Joe Dempsey his co-star in an interview was a complete no hes not bi, but straight

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Who is the actor in warm bodies who plays R?

Nicholas Hoult

What is Nicholas Hoult's sexual orientation?

Nicholas Hoult, the British actor, has not stated his sexual preference in public. WikiAnswers will not speculate on what is personal and private information to any individual.

Is jenifer Lawrence dating anyone?

Yes. She is currently dating British actor Nicholas Hoult who starred in the UK's Skins , and was also her co-star in X-Men: First Class

Who did the voice overs for the cybermen in Doctor Who?

The voice talent you seek is British voice actor, Nicholas Briggs.

When was Nicholas Rowe - actor - born?

Nicholas Rowe - actor - was born on 1966-11-22.

When was Nicholas Ball - actor - born?

Nicholas Ball - actor - was born on 1946-04-11.

What is actor vijay's sexual orientation?


Is actor ice t bisexual?

yes he is

Is Mariah carry bisexual?

No, she's not bisexual. She is married to actor/rapper/comedian Nick Cannon.

Is actor Nicholas gonzalez single?

It is not known if actor Nicholas Gonzalez is dating anyone currently. He has dated Regina King in the past.

What actor names begins with the letter n?

· Nicholas Cage (actor) · Jack Nicholson (actor)

Is sudeep kannada actor gay?

yes he is bisexual.

Nicholas nickenby actor?

charlie hunnam

Is actor jon prescott gay?

he used to be but now he is bisexual.

Is or was actor Jonathan Frakes bisexual?

Yes as is captain Picard.

Is it true that actor armie hammer is secretly a bisexual?


Is ben feldman the actor gay or bisexual?

no. he lives with his girlfriend.

Is Zachary Quinto bisexual?

The "Star Trek" actor, Zachary Quinto, does not identify as a bisexual. He came out as a gay man in 2011.

Famous person with name nicholas?

Paul Nicholas (singer and actor) Nick Kershaw (singer) Sir Nicholas Winton (evacuated Czech Jewish children to UK) Nicholas Cage (actor) Nicholas Sarkozy, current French President Nicholas (Nick) Jonas, singer Nicholas (Nick) Falbo, professional golfer Jack Nicholas, professional golfer Nicholas Copernicus, mathematician/scientist (discovered that the sun is the center of the universe)

What is the main actor in national treasure?

Nicholas Cage

Who is the actor that plays in the plenty advert?

Nicholas cage

What is the Lyndhurst name known for?

The Lyndhurst name is known for Nicholas Lyndhurst. He is the actor that portrayed Rodney in a british sitcom called Only Fools and Horses, it is very good.

How old is Nicholas Turturro?

US actor Nicholas Turturro Jr. is 55 years old (birthdate: January 29, 1962).He is the younger brother of actor John Turturro.

Is actor nicholas rodriguez gay?

If you're talking about the actor on One Life To Live then yes he is gay.

Who is actor nicholas of the x-files?

His full name is Nicholas Lea and he played Agent Alex Krycek