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Q: Is Brooklyn college a 4 year college?
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Is it a 2 year college or is it a 4 year college?


Which cuny school is best Brooklyn college or queens college?

Brooklyn College

When was Brooklyn College created?

Brooklyn College was created in 1930.

When was Brooklyn College Academy created?

Brooklyn College Academy was created in 1986.

Is their a 4 year college in Manhattan that aren't to concerned on grades?

easy- King's College Long Island University: Brooklyn Campus CW Post Pace University St. Joseph's College Marymount Manhattan College Yeshiva University Touro College Farmingdale State Adelphi University Alfred University

Is Beloit college a 4 year college?


What college Al Sharpton went to?

brooklyn college

What is another word for community college?

4-year college

Is the university of Tampa a 2 or 4 year college?

4-year Private University

Does Brooklyn college have dorms?

yes it does

Is Manhattanville College a community college?

No, Manhattanville is a residential 4-year school.

What type college can you earn your bachelor's degree in?

A 4 year college or University