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Bupropion (aka - wellbutrin) is generally prescribed to treat depression, bipolar disease, and attention deficit disorder. It was recently approved by the FDA to assist in the cessation of smoking. Though one of its side-effects is drowsiness, this medication is not prescribed for insomnia. Another side-effect, due to bupropion's upward effect on norepinephrine (noradrenaline), can be wakefulness. The actual effect varies between individuals.

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What antidepressants do not suppress REM sleep?

Nefazadone, mirtazapine, bupropion

Is bupropion use to stop drinking?

Bupropion is an antidepressant and has been 'repackaged' as a smoking cessation aid by Big Pharma. One possible side-effect of Bupropion is that it reduces tolerance to alcohol, possibly resulting in an alcohol-related seizure. So the answer is no, but knowing Big Pharma...... watch this space!

Is Zyban an antidepressant?

Yes. The antidepressant bupropion (Wellbutrin) is marketed under the name Zyban as a smoking cessation aid.

What are three common side effects of Bupropion?

Bupropion (also known as Wellbutin) is a common medication prescribed for depression. Three common side-effects include nausea/vomiting, headaches and sleep issues.

Can bupropion get you high?

how many bupropion get you high

What is the sleep aid named for the god of sleep?


What is ciciobenzaprina?

Its a sleep aid

What is Lunesta?

A prescription sleep aid.

Can you take the sleep aid diphenhydramine while pregnant?

What sleep aid is safe to take while pregnant??

What sleep aid can be taken with Zoloft?

Benadryl, melatonin, or Dramamine will help you sleep

Is bupropion a narcotic?

Im taking bupropion because of my drug abuse and is helpen me alot

What is pill is L151?

Rexall sleep aid

Does autonomous sensory meridian response aid sleep?

According to studies, yes it does. ASMR can be used as a sleep aid because it relaxes people and calms them. This state of relaxation can lead to gentle sleep.

Can you use a sleep aid vaginally?

No, the ingredients causing sleep would not reach the area of the brain responsible for sleep.

Is bupropion a sedative?

No it is not.

Does Bupropion HCL 150MG 12HR sa tab have THC in it?

No. It only contains "bupropion" as a salt.

What is the benefit of diazepam in traumatic brain injury?

To aid in restlessness especially at night to aid sleep

What is the strongest sleep aid in your local drugstore?


Is ambi a muscle relaxer?

No, it is a prescription sleep aid.

Can you take trazadone and over the counter sleep aid together?

I would not recomend it, but it depends on the mg of the trazy and the other sleep aid. I have a friend who takes trazadone and that knocks him out. so maybe if you take that and a sleep aid it might be to much for your body to handle.. Be careful. these drugs arnt to be messed with.

What is the weakest prescription sleep aid?

probably some type of OTC sleeping aid with not a high dosage.

Does bupropion help psoriasis?

It did me!

Will it hurt your dog to give him some sleep aids so you can clean his ears?

It is possible that a sleep aid could hurt your dog. If you dog has any unknown medical conditions, the sleep aid could harm it. The best option is to speak with the vet and find out if they would allow your dog to have a sleep aid so that you could clean his ears. They may recommend a different medication.

Side effects from quitting bupropion cold turkey?

serious headaches and weird sleep and eating patterns (more or less tired, more or less hungry than usual)

Is bupropion an MAOI?

no i'ts SNRI.