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Yes. With the exception of carbonic acid (H2CO3), oxalic acid (H2C2O4), and their salts compounds of carbon and hydrogen are always organic.

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What is the abbreviation for acetate?

The abbreviation for Acetate is CH3COOH. This is an organic acid.

Examples of organic acids and its source?

Acids present in plants and animals are organic acids. Eg: HCOOH,CH3COOH

Is acetic acid a organic acid or a mineral acid?

The molecular formula of acetic acid is CH3COOH. It is an organic acid.

Is acetic acid a salt?

No its not a salt but a weak organic acid having chemical formula CH3COOH

What does organic acid mean?

About the same thing as an organic molecule. A C-H bonding, generally. Example, acetic acid.CH3COOHionizes toCH3COO -

Indentify the organic compound ethanoic acid?

Ethanoic acid (acetic acid) has the chemical formula CH3COOH.

What is an example of an organic molecule?

Some examples of organic molecules are: - methane, the simplest organic molecule - CH4 - glucose, a very common and simple sugar - C6H12O6 - acetic acid, also known as vinegar, a simple organic acid - CH3COOH

What is the chemical formula for CH3COOH?

You gave a chemical formula. This is the formula for acetic acid, an organic acid which is found in vinegar.

What is the name or formula for a weak acid?

the carbon containing or organic acids are weak acids as acetic acid, CH3COOH.

What does CH3COOH mean?

CH3COOH stands for ethanoic acid.

What is the name of CH3COOH?

The name of CH3COOH is acetic acid.

What is the Lewis dot structure for CH3COOH?

What is the lewis structure for CH3COOH

What is the balanced equation for Ch3COOH alone?

What is the balanced equation for Ch3COOH alone

What is the mole in CH3COOH?

Acetic Acid, CH3COOH, has a molecular weight of 60.05

Is HF a stronger acid that CH3COOH?

Yes HF is stronger than CH3COOH

Is CH3COOH a strong acid?

no it is a weak acid CH3COOH is the chemical formula for vinegar

How many oxygen atoms are in the formula CH3COOH?

There are 2 oxygen atoms in CH3COOH

CH3COOH react with SOCl2?

Yes. SOCl2 + CH3COOH ---> CH3COCl + SO2 + HCl

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