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i think calicut is bettr .becozit has a standardised syllabus

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Is mcom (banking) of madhurai kamaraj univercity recognised by calicut univers


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Q: Is Calicut university giving equivalency certificate to MA English of Madurai Kamaraj university distance education course?
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Is there any University in kerala who will give you equivalency certificate to Bsc IT of PeriyarUniversity Distance education course?

Periyar universities distance educational section is not approved UGC

Is distance education of msc chemistry in bharathiyar university recognised by any universities in kerala?

Any University if recognized by UGC, then all other Universities should recognize. No need for Eligibility Certificate or Equivalency Certificate

Is kerala university is giving equivalency certificate to MA Economics of Annamalai university Distance Education course?

You just check the website of kerala University.There you can find the list of recognised courses of other universities .If your course is in that list then you will definitely get equivalency certificate

Is kerala university is giving equivalency certificate to BBA of Periyar university distance education course?

Sure.You can apply for equivalency in proper channel.The course is recogonized by UGC.So if any one applied for Equivalency,the concerned university must issue the certificate .For getting equivalency,you need to apply to the Registrar of the university in prescribed form,accompanied by the Demand Draft or Challan of prescribed fees towards equivalency certificate,Attested Copies of Degree Certificate / Provisional,Mark Sheets,SSLC and HSc.The syllabus of the course studied(taken from Official Channel) should be attached with the application.If the application is received,the university authorities will check the syllabus and all and then the syndicate of the concerned university will eigther issue the certificate or will reject(on various reasons,like If the syllabus is not covered topics in the same university etc..)But if the course of one university is aleraedy approved(as the result of equivalency cert.application made by another student),you need not to apply again.SEHEER OTTAYILCareer GuruVidya

How do you get convocation certificate from Distance education alagappa university after completion of MBA course?

my certificate is from alagappa university can i get a job

Is No objection certificate required from State Govt to run distance education from Punjab Technical University?

Type your answer here... If the program is approved by Distance education council. No objection certificate from local university is not required. Please note that higher education is a concurrent subject in our constitution, therefore approval from central body like DEC does not need no objection from state level university. jivraj patel

When was National University of Distance Education created?

National University of Distance Education was created in 1972.

How many seats alloted in Anna university for MBA through distance education?

How many seat avalible in anna university distance education

Is kerala psc approved annamalai university distant education?

No that need to be approved only by DEC and the university under which it is coming that is anna uni should be approved by UGC. There are other good opportunities with you as -Jamia Milia, Islamia, New Delhi. -Lovely Professional University, -Andhra University.

Can you get question papers of microbiology of Nims university distance education?

Contact the university.

Which university is providing best service in distance education MBA course?

Alagappa University, Karaikudi in Tamilnadu provides the best and varitey of the courses through distance education

Is alagappa university's msc chemistry distance education approved by kerala public service commission?

is madurai kamaraj university's msc maths distance education is approved by kerala psc