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California Creek University is a fake short, a diploma mill

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Q: Is California Creek University a real university?
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Is Woodfield university real?

If by real you mean that it is accredited recognized university then yes, Woodfield is an accredited online university. An online university is just as real as a traditional university.

Is Honda Online University a real university What courses are offered there if it is?

No, Honda university is not a real University that I can find. There is a University Honda car dealership. That could be where the confusion came up.

Is McMillan university real or fake?

Mcmillan university is real university distance learning education it approved by ugc as well as it is affiliated and approved be American AICTE,this is real university not fake believe me.

What is pacific coast academy's school real name?


Where is Zoey 101 filmed?

The entire series was shot at Pepperdine University, which had colorful "PCA" banners put up around campus. If you look at a few pictures posted on Wikipedia, you'll recognize the Dean's office and a couple of sites from establishing shots.

What is Bellevue University's motto?

The motto of Bellevue University is 'Real Learning for Real Life'.

Is Quendelton State University real?

Quendelton State University is not a real university. It is the name of a fictional university, created by College Humor, to make fun of college promotional pieces.

Is university of phoenix a real university?

Yes it is. ( )

What is Queensland University of Technology's motto?

Queensland University of Technology's motto is 'A university for the real world'.

Is Gibson University real or fake?

They are an accredited online university according to their website.

Is Truth University real?

Yes truth university is real. on stomp the yard they shooted the movie on the campus.Yes it is

Is Fresno state a public university?

Do you mean the university formally known as California State University -Fresno? If so, yes, it's a public university. If you mean "the Fresno State University of Bumfuggle Kansas (or wherever)", then it's probably a diploma mill (though if you're going to appropiate a real university's name, I don't know why anyone would go for CSUF over, say, Harvard or Stanford).