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Cardiff High school is considered the Best secondry school in Cardiff.

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Q: Is Cardiff high school in Cardiff the best?
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When was Cardiff High School created?

Cardiff High School was created in 1895.

What is the motto of Cardiff High School?

The motto of Cardiff High School is 'Toward the Light'.

What is Cardiff High School's motto?

The motto of Cardiff High School is 'Tua'r Goleuni'.

What is the worst school in Cardiff?

willows high

What is the best school in Cardiff?

Radyr Comprehensive School

What school does mia mackenna-bruce go to?

Cardiff high school

Is High School Musical coming to Cardiff?

yes its coming to Cardiff in June or July check out the Cardiff milenium centre site

Is fitzalan high school Cardiff in lawrenny avenue?

Yes, Lawrenny Avenue, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF11 8XB

Where can one find Cardiff business school?

A person can find the Cardiff Business School in Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff Business School is the business school of Cardiff University. The business school was created in 1987.

What does Cardiff high school uniform look like?

it looks like a perd

Is there a boarding school in Cardiff?

Cardiff Sixth Form College.

What is the best public high school in California?

Escondido High School is the best public high school throught California.