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I could find that there are no enough jobs for this career and usually no good pay. Could be good for people that want work just part time.

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Q: Is Child and Youth Worker a good career?
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What are some good youth social worker jobs?

The field of a social worker offers many options for working with youth. These jobs generally fall under the "child, family and school" type of social work. A job in a foster home is one example. Working as an adoption specialist would be another.

What is the difference between social workers and at risk youth workers?

social worker is a job that a intelligent person work where the person should have a good moral and character this type of job are like kso etc... where as youth worker is for the youth member of the society like cdsu etc....

What gCSEs do you need to be a social worker?

You need to have at least an 'A' or A* qualification on the subject Health and Social care. You also need to do child care as it is part of the career. It will be good if you do Sociology.

What are good to topics to do for voice of youth?

suicide teen pregnancy child abuse poverty HIV and aids and more

Who is a good worker as a good worker?

Good workers a people who wont complain when it comes to working and heres a question for you are you a good worker.

What is a good free verse title?

say you were writing a free verse about your future career ex. a doctor the title would have to be...lifesaver or miracal worker i guess

Is a professional baseball team a good team to start off your baseball career?

No, it is not. You should propably start when you are a child

Can a birth mother who relinquished her child in MA get her back if she was never adopted?

It is possible that they could get their child back. They would have to show that they are able to raise the child in a good environment. It would be best to discuss with a social worker in the state.

What are the minimum requirements for the case worker position?

"You must have at the very least a bachelor degree in social work , or child protective worker from a college. You also must have a good relationship with children and you cannot have a criminal record."

Be sane and protect the girl child the need to prevent female and give the girl child a good. Future?

Prognosis not positive, if your chosen career involves communicating intelligibly.

A worker's success in contributing to the common good?

It is determined by what the worker does.

Is a Automotive Mechanic a Good Career?

Yes it is a good Career