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by jumping in the canal

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Q: Is Christmas a religious holiday in Panama?
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What kind of holiday is Christmas?

Christmas is a Religious observance in origin.

Is Christmas a religious holiday in Greenland?

It's a religious holiday everywhere there's believers in Christ.

Was Christmas a religious holiday when it was established as a national holiday in the US?

yes it is.

What is new zealands religious holiday?


What religeion has Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is not a religious holiday, but comes from the Christian holiday of Christmas. It is mostly used for summer advertising.

Is Christmas a religious holiday in South Africa?

Christmas day is a holiday in South Africa, but the government of South Africa does promote religious freedom and that all religions in SA are equal and therefore it is not officially a religious holiday. The majority of South Africans are Christians and therefore most would celebrate Christmas from a religious point of view, many going to church on Christmas morning.

Does Confucianism celebrate Christmas?

No. Confucianism is not a religion and Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians.

Why is Christmas a religious holiday?

Brcause it represents a celebrate date in the religious calendar. It is also a secular holiday and is hopefully enjoyed by both persuasions.

Where was caroling orginated?

Caroling originated from hymns sung in churches, since Christmas was originally a religious holiday.

Why do some people donnot celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a Christian Holiday. It has become more of a secular celebration and is a National Holiday in the US. Those that are not Christian do not celebrate the religious holiday.

Is a Christmas a religious holiday of the conspirators of opressiveness justice of manipulative madness?


What is the most celebrated holiday?

I believe the most likes holiday is Christmas and the 6 week's holiday for kids. This holiday is both religious and non religious. You open presents, eat candy canes, eat. Christmas is the most liked holiday and children do what they wont.