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Is Christmas celebrated in other holidays?

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No, each holiday is celebrated separately. Christmas is one of the holidays in December, but there are also other holidays celebrated in other religions.

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What holidays are celebrated in Africa?

Africa celebrates several holidays, including Christmas. Other holidays that are celebrated in Africa are Freedom Day, Worker's Day, and Youth Day.

What are two holidays celebrated in Germany?

The two holidays celebrated in Germany are Christmas and New year

What holidays do Kenya celebrate?

Christmas, New Year's Day and Good Friday are three holidays celebrated in Kenya. Other holidays celebrated in Kenya include Jamhuri day, and Boxing day.

What holidays did Germany have?

They had lots of holidays. But the most celebrated one is Christmas.

What major holidays does France celebrate?

Christmas is one of the major holidays that France celebrates. Bastille day and Mardi Gras are two other holidays celebrated in France.

What holidays do the west celebrate?

West celebrated Christmas, Easter and new year holidays

What holidays are celebrated in Europe?

there are too many different holidays celebrated in Europe but one that is in common with most of the country's in Europe is Christmas.

What Hispanic holidays are celebrated in the U.S.?

The hispanic holidays that are celebration in the u.s are new year christmas

What are some holidays are celebrated in Cuba?

the holidays that are celebrated in Cuba are Christmas, Halloween,valentimes day, and lots more, but they dont celebrate easter

What are some celebrated holidays in Cuba?

Christmas, Halloween,Etc Not Easter

What are some celebrated holidays in Mauritius?

There are many celebrated holidays in Mauritius. They celebrate many common holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Labor Day, All Saints Day and Independence Day.

What holidays are celebrated in other countries on December 25th besides Christmas?

Constitution Day is celebrated in Taiwan on December 25. Quaid-e-Azam's Day is celebrated in Pakistan on this day and Takanakuy is celebrated in Peru.

What are some of the holidays celebrated in Italy?

Natale (Italian word for Christmas) Natale (Italian word for Christmas)

What holidays do Austrians celebrate?

One holiday that Austrians celebrate is Christmas. Some other holidays celebrated in Austria are Sylvesterabend, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, and Ascension day.

What are some Cuban Holidays?

There are several Cuban holidays that are celebrated each year that include Liberation Day and Day of the Rebellion. Other Cuban holidays include Labor Day, Revolution Anniversary, and Christmas Day.

Why don't jehovah's witness celebrate birthdays?

They believe that birthdays (along with Christmas and other holidays) have pagan roots and are therefore not to be celebrated.

What are the national holidays celebrated in Canada?

Christmas, Good Friday, and Canada Day.

Did the South Carolina colony have any special holidays?

they celebrated christmas and thanskiving

What are the holidays celebrated in Honduras?

Some holidays that are celebrated in Honduras include Day of the Race, Teachers Day, and Independence Day. Those in Honduras also celebrate Christmas.

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