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CiaraCiara is apparently not pregnant.

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  • No, because if she was she could not move that fast in her videos.
  • The people who said that she is not pregnant are correct. She would oame out and announce it if she were.
  • Ciara is not pregnant. If she was she would show, but other than that how can she dance so good. You could also tell if she was pregeant by her face.
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โˆ™ 2011-06-18 20:21:08
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Q: Is Ciara pregnant
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Is ciara 3months pregnant?

No ciara is not.

Is Ciara three months pregnant?

No, she is not pregnant.

Is Ciara pregnant with Bow Wow's baby?

Ciara Pregnant?No, it's just a rumor. Bow wow did not get Ciara pregnant. He got Karrine Steffans pregnant or that's what on Google.

Was ciara pregnant by lil bow wow?

yes ciara is haveing baby by bowwow

Does lil Wayne and ciara go together?

No. Ciara is pregnant by Future & is actually engaged to him.

Is Ciara pregnant by 50 cent?

yes because ciara and 50cent are both naked in they new video

Was Ciara pregnant by bow wow?

I hope that it isn't true about Ciara is not but we never know what they did in there privite time and if she was that's her problem and her life.

Do ciara have kids?

She don't have any kids yet, she is pregnant right now

Is Bow Wow still in a relationship with Ciara?

no he do not still like ciara I heard that him and Angela rev.runs daughter are now dating.They broke upno ciara isn't pregnant by bow wow

Is Ciara Harris pregnant?

Ciara Harris is not pregnant. As a matter of fact, the yong hip-hop sensation was last seen on the set of Nelley's song ''Stepped on My J's" and she was with the STAND UP TO CANCER PROGRAM IN SEPTEMBER 2008. Her Stomach remains the same

What does the name Ciara come from?

Ciara comes from a singer and her name is Ciara.

What Is Ciara Real Name?

Ciara's Whole Name Is Ciara Princess Harris

What is Ciara's real name?

Ciara's real name is Ciara Princess Harris

What is Ciara's birth name?

Ciara Princess Harris Ciara Princess Harris

Is ciara pregnant by bowow or 50 cent?

no but she is looking a bit chubby because she has been eating loads of fatty foods..

Does Ciara have a girlfriend?

Ciara is straight.

How do you spell ciara in Spanish?


What was Ciara's first album?


What is Ciara Bravo's occupation?

Ciara Bravo is a/an Actress

Does Ciara have kids?

Yes, Ciara has 3 kids.

What is Ciara's real birth name?

Ciara Princess Harris Ciara Princess Harris

What name rhymes with ciara?

Kiara rhymes with Ciara. Also Tiara rhymes with Ciara.

Do 50 go out with ciara?

yes,ciara is going out with 50 yes,ciara is going out with 50

Ciara vs Rihanna in a fight?

rihanna maybe or maybe ciara well ciara sorry

What is the female singer Ciara's full name?

Ciara full name is ciara princess harris.