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Is Ciara still a virgin?

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Actually, Ciara lost her virginity when she was 18 and it wasn't by Bow Wow!

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Is Ciara still alive?

Yes, Ciara is still alive.

Has ciara the singer died?

No, Ciara is still alive.

Do you ever think of ciara still?

yes i still think about poor weird ciara

Does Ciara still sing?

Yes Ciara still sing becuse I have her music on my iPod okay so your answer is yes she still sing.!!

Is ciara bravo a virgin?

No, in an interview in Feb. 2012, she admitted she did it with her boyfriend when she was 13.

Is Bow Wow still in a relationship with Ciara?

no he do not still like ciara I heard that him and Angela rev.runs daughter are now dating.They broke upno ciara isn't pregnant by bow wow

Is 50 and ciara still together?

they broke ever since ciara dumped for drake

Has Revlon discontinued Ciara 200?

Yes, only Ciara 100 is still in production.

If you are a virgin and you get fingered are you still a virgin?

Yes. You're still a virgin.

Had a hysterectomy while a virgin am I still a virgin?

Yes you are still a virgin if you had a hysterectomy.

Does ciara harris have a husband?

ciara doesn't have a husband i thank she still like bow wow

Does ciara like bow wow still?

no he do not still like ciara I heard that him and Angela rev.runs daughter are now dating. They broke up.

When bow wow got with ciara was she a virgin?

no she went out with other people first time doin this

Are ciara and bow wow still together?

=== ===

Is bow wow and ciara still go out?


Is miely Cyrus still a virgin?

yes she is still a virgin.

Meaghan martin is she still a virgin?

Yea she still a virgin...

Is hailee steinfeld still a virgin?

Yes , hailee steinfeld is still a virgin

If you saw a penis are you still a virgin?

yes you are still a virgin. it is not until you have had penetrative sex that you are no longer a virgin.

Does bowwow like mya?

No. He still likes Ciara

If someone fingers you are you still a virgin?

Yes, you're still a virgin. You're technically a virgin until you have sex.

If your boyfriend fingers you does that still make you a virgin?

yes. you are still a virgin. You are only not a virgin when the penus enters the vagina

Are you still a virgin if a boy touch your breast?

Yes, one is still a virgin.

How do you know if your still are a virgin?

if you never had sex your a virgin if you did have sex your not virgin

Will ciara beat Rihanna up if they were to fight?

do you thank ciara is mad because chris goes with rihana, and now after all that is happened do you thank ciara still wants to date chris.

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