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---- Who plays Cody? ---- Nope. Cole plays Cody. Dylan plays Zack. You can tell because Cole has a thinner face and Dylan has freckles.

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Who is Cody Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sprouse?

Cody is Cole Sprouse and Zack is Dylan Sprouse.

Who Zack in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?

Zack is played by, Dylan Sprouse.

What Zack and Cody real name?

Cole and Dylan sprouse. Cole is Cody and Dylan is Zach.

Who is Michelle Sprouse?

Michelle Sprouse is Cole and Dylan sprouse mom (Zack and Cody)

Real name of Zack and Cody?

Zack-Dylan Thomas Sprouse Cody-Cole Mattew Sprouse

What is the real names for Zack and Cody?

Dylan Sprouse (Zack Martin)and Cole Sprouse(Cody Martin)

What are Codys real names?

Cody : Cole Sprouse Zack: Dylan Sprouse

What are the sprouses real name cole Dylan Sprouse?

their real names are cole sprouse he's Cody/Dylan sprouse he's Zack

What is Zack and Cody Martin's real name?

Cody Martin = Cole Sprouse. Zack Martin = Dylan Sprouse.

What is the true names of zac and Cody?

In real life,Zack is Dylan Sprouse and Cody is Cole Sprouse. xxx =)

What is Cody's real name from suite life of zac and Cody?

Cody is Cole Sprouse and Zach is Dylan Sprouse :)

Who plays Zack and Cody in suite life on deck?

Cole Sprouse plays Cody and Dylan Sprouse plays Zack.

Who are Cole and Dylan Sprouse?

Cole and Dylan Sprouse are the stars of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Dylan and Cole are brothers and they have been in several movies.

Is Zack and Cody the same person?

no one is cole sprouse and the other is Dylan sprouse

What are Zack and Codys real names?

Dylan and Cole Sprouse.Dylan Sprouse is Zack Martin and Cole Sprouse is Cody Martin of the two shows suite life on deck and suite life of Zack and Cody.

When was Selena Gomez's first kiss?

It was on the suite life of Zack and Cody when she played Gwen and it was with Dylan Sprouse :]

When was Cody and Cole Sprouse born?

Uh... first of all there is no "Cody sprouse" their real names are Dylan and Cole Sprouse they were born in august 4th 1992 in arezzo, Italy Dylan plays Zack martin on the suite life of Zack and Cody and cole plays Cody martin

Who is more intelligent Cole or Dylan?

In the show, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suite Life on Deck, Cody (who is played by Cole Sprouse) is more intelligent than Zack (who is played by Dylan Sprouse) but in real-life the roles are switched. Dylan is the more intelligent one, whereas Cole is the less intelligent one.

Who is Zack nd Cody on the zuite life of Zack nd Cody?

Cole And Dylan Sprouse otherwise known as The Sprouse bros

Real names of Zack and Cody?

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

What are the real name of Zack and Cody?

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

What is the real name Zack and Cody?

Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

What is Zack Cody real name?

dylan and cole sprouse

What is Cody on suite life on deck's real name?

Cole Sprouse- brothers with Dylan Sprouse

What are Dylan and coles full names?

Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse and Dylan is Zack on the Suite life of Zack and Cody and the suite life on deck