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yes it supports the wave theory of light...

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Q: Is Compton effect support the wave theory of light or particle theory?
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What is the difference between particle and wave theory of light?

Particle theory of light can explain Photoelectric Effect,Compton effect,Pair production.... wave theory of light can explain interference,refraction...

What has the author Maria Juranyi written?

Maria Juranyi has written: 'Studies of the compton effect from the viewpoint of the ballistic theory of light'

What is the name for the particle theory?

Particle Theory is its name.

In what way does the photoelectric effect support the particle theory of light?

In order for an electron to be ejected from a metal surface, the electron must be struck by a photon with at least the minimum energy needed to knock the electron loose.

What is de-Broglie theory?

The theory states that both matter and light exhibit wave and particle nature which leads tointerference effect i.e; when the wavelenght is <<<< the scale which we use it ,behaves as particle and when wavelenght >>>>the scale it behaves as wave.

What is the particle model of light?

The particle model of light entails that light consists of tiny packages of energy called photons. Because light is an electromagnetic wave the model is a part of the general model for electromagnetism. This model is called Quantum Electrodynamics, or QED in short.

What two experiments involving light and matter could not be explained by the wave theory of light?

In the days before quantum mechanics there was discussion whether light was a particle or wave. The problem was that neither one could explain all phenomena completely. For example, the particle theory couldn't not account for interference patterns that can be made with light, but the wave theory could not account for the photo-electric effect. In this effect a photon (a light particle) deposits energy into a metal causing the metal to eject an electron. The puzzling thing was that increasing the intensity of the light did not increase the kinetic energy of the ejected electrons, only the amount of such ejected electrons. The photo-electric effect was finally tackled by Albert Einstein (for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1921), and light is now regarded as consisting of 'wave-packets' with photons have a unintuitive wave-particle duality.

What were arthur compton's contributions to the atomic theory?

he discovered the electron

Is the emission of electromagnetic radiation by an excited atom a wave or particle theory?

wave theory of light

What physicist was the chief architect of the particle theory of light?

It was Max Planck who used the particle theory of light.

Discovery of particle theory of light?

Pierre Gassendi (1592-1655), an atomist, proposed a particle theory of light.

What are the reason the classical physics failed?

It is a macroscopic theory. Their theoretical values are not equal to the experimental values. The classical theory cannot explain the photoelectric effect,compton effect,magnetic properties briefly..... it obeys the classical mechanics. it does not briefly explain the atoms internal parts . hence it is rectified by quantum physics....!