Is Constance Marie Cuban in real life?

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She is of Mexican descent. Her birth name is Constance Marie Lopez.

Is bloddy Mary real?

many poeople get scared by this story, but however the case, it is not true. i have tried it once! it is not true!

How old is Constance Marie?

Constance Marie Lopez is 51 years old (birthdate: September 9,1965). (she is not related to George Lopez, but played his wife "AngieLopez")

Was Mary Shaw a real person?

Not in the least. She was completely fictional. she not real guys it base on a true story but its not true cause parnormal activity said it was true and nothing happen to me so its not real

How does Cuban Family life compare to American Family Life?

Cubans highly value the family and desire to keep it as close to home as possible. They rarely move far away from each other even when they become married. Community is also highly valued. Partially because of their political history they have relied highly on the arts and music to express themselve ( Full Answer )

Is bloddy Mary is real?

It depends how you make it work but i think it might work cos people brag about it so ill get my freind Sarah to do it BYE BYE BUT DONT DO IT JUST IN CASE JUE GET A KNIFE IN YOUR HEART AND CUTS ON YE FACE

In the real life are there real witches?

Yes, we are real. No we are not green with warts, nor do we cackle. you don't have to do Wicca to be a witch. Wicca is more spiritual. though you do have to believe in god, heaven that sort of thing for a spell to work. there are three kinds of witches white, grey and black. Black is out of the qu ( Full Answer )

Does Constance Marie have children?

The 43-year-old actress and her fiancé, yoga teacher Kent Katich, welcomed daughter Luna Marie on Feb. 5 2009 in Santa Monica, PEOPLE has learned exclusively. The baby girl was born at 4:12 p.m. and weighed 8 lbs., 13 oz..

IS life real?

i think, therefore i am. someone smart said that. someone unlike me. maybe its like the matrix, and thinking is all we do. maybe it is real and there is no way to prove it. either way, narrow minded people will never understand this question. so asking your math teacher will probably result in a mat ( Full Answer )

Is magic real in real life?

It could be. Some believe in magic, while some don't; just like some believe in the paranormal, while others don't.

Are George Lopez and Constance Marie related?

well i looked up Constance Marie on imdb and it said that her birth name is Constance Marie Lopez so i think that they are 2nd cousins because they kissed on the show so i don'teally know i think

Has constance Marie ever posed naked?

Constance Marie has posed naked but it has not been made public.She talks about how she has done glamor and intimate shoots before.

Does constance Marie wear thong?

Yes, she wears'em, on some George Lopez episode's you can see them. And on one of the episode she said that she (Her Character Angie) Wears them.

Is holy Mary real?

We'll people who are Catholic know that she is because god chose her to make Jesus Christ so they know shes powerful too.

What did bloody Mary do to people and is she real or not?

Queen Mary (known as Bloody Mary) was indeed very real, she was a devout Catholic and her main goal in life was to unite all of England under the Roman Catholic Church, all those who opposed her were punished very severely by being burned at the stake and tortured.

Is the after life real?

Nobody has made the return journey to tell us. Although, if you have ever used a disassociate such as Nitrous or Ketamine, you will soon realize that there is much more going on then we humans living on this plane of Earth will ever realize. Also, look into some books that document people who have d ( Full Answer )

Is the grude real in real life?

excorsit are real since the spirit of a demon has entered the body of an innocent host. who knows who can be the next victim of these terryfying demons. it could be you or your loved one >:D

Are Mary mcguffin dolls real?

no they are a fake type of plastic doll that appeared in a a episode of Disney Channels Phineas and Ferb

Are there real Assassins in real life?

Yes, there are. They will not kill civilians at whim, but they will kill high value targets (HVTs) for money. The type of assassins can vary. Melee (most dangerous) or using a ranged weapon (gun, crossbow, bow and arrow, Etc.) which is the least dangerous to use.

Is Mary shaw poems real?

Well..... According to the Film "DEAD SILENCE" it is not real , No It is NOT real.... I am sorry to say this but "marry shaw" is just a character being played in the movie by another elderly woman. And the poem is just made up so that it can scare you.

Is Mary Poppins real?

No, Mary Poppins is a fictional character in a series of books written by P.L. Travers.

Who was Marie Antoinette in real life?

Just herself. Daughter of Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria, and wife of Louis XVI of France. She was a real live person.

Are wizards real in real life?

No to be a wizard you would have to be able to preform magic. the "magic" we know is just an illusion, therefore You cant really be a wizard. correction, magic is only an illussion if your someone like chris angel or dave copperfield (magician) in fact, everyones a wizard. they are just considered m ( Full Answer )

Why is life not real?

cuz it supposed to be just an illusion that we are seeing and its coing to end

Are sorcerers real in real life?

Well, when using the term as a general meaning of anyone who practices magick (not with a c, but with a ck), then yes, though most of us prefer the name witch (which really is both male and female). It's a real craft, just as woodworking, forging, and tailoring (though most of these other crafts are ( Full Answer )

Is the thing about scary Mary real?

yes she is real if you say " SCARY MARY LOOKING THRU, SCARY MARY SHE'S GOT YOU, SCARY MARYLOOKING THRU SCARY MARY SHE SEES YOU in the mirror in the bathroom with the lights closed and a candlethat's on fire, you will see for the next few days is a brush, and2 broken mirrors, **** WARNING******* DO ( Full Answer )

Are vocaloid real in real life?

They are computer software thingies so yes and no. When they perform, they are projected on to a screen (holograms). No, they are not real, actual living people.

Is john cena maried in real life?

Yes. John Cena is married in real life. He announced his engagement to his girl friend Elizabeth Huberdeau in the year 2009. The couple got married on July 11 th 2009 and have been married ever since.

Is Cici Marie a real actress?

Yes, she is. She is a beautiful, talented MEGA star that is most likely to be found on Spanish telenovelas. Shes is 12 years old and is currently looking for jobs in the acting industry. If you have any job offers email her at Thank you

Is Mary smith a real person?

Mary Smith is a fictional character on "EastEnders", a TV show produced by the BBC network. The character of Mary Smith is not supposed to resemble a person in real life.

Is after life real?

Well it depends on your spiritual belief. Most Christians believe in Heaven and im not quite sure what other religions believe in, but that is a question that you have to answer yourself.

What has made Constance Marie famous?

Constance Marie is most known for the Selena movie that took place in 1997, and as well as the George Lopez show. She has done many short rolls such as spin city, underworld, and american family. Orginally she was discovered by a director for David bowie, for club dancing.

Where does real bloody Mary live?

There is no real Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary is: 1) a legend 2)referred to the Tudor Queen, Mary as she killed many Protestants violently.

Was bloody mary real?

That depends what you mean. For example, on Wikipedia, under"Bloody Mary", you will find the following entries: "Bloody Mary (cocktail) ..." - That one seems to be real. "Mary I of England, Queen of England and Ireland..." - Seems to bea historical character. In other words, real. "Bloody Mary (fol ( Full Answer )

What are real Cuban cigars worth?

It depends on a lot of things - the cigar itself, the store you're in, whether you're in the United States (where they are not legal) or any other country in the world...

What movie and television projects has Constance Marie been in?

Constance Marie has: Played Nikki Alvarez in "Santa Barbara" in 1984. Performed in "Jake and the Fatman" in 1987. Played Featured Dancer in "Salsa" in 1988. Played Penny Rivera in "Dirty Dancing" in 1988. Played Dancer in "Glass Spider" in 1988. Played Jenny in "The Man in the Family" in 1991. Playe ( Full Answer )