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No. It's a Trilogy - Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath.

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Q: Is Cornellia Funke writing a new book to the Inkheart series?
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Is Cornelia Funke writing a fourth book for the Inkheart series called Inkstone?

No. Cornelia Funke ended the Inkheart trilogy with Inkdeath.

Is cornelia funke writing a fourth book to the Inkheart series?

no, inkdeath was the conclusion to the trilogy.

What is the order of the Inkheart books by Cornelia Funke?

The Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke consists of three books: "Inkheart", "Inkspell", and "Inkdeath".

Who wrote Inkheart?

Cornelia Funke wrote "Inkheart." It is the first book in a fantasy trilogy by the same name.

Do silver tongues really exist as in Funke's book Inkheart series?

No it was just something that Cornelia Funke thought up.

Is Cornelia Funke writing any more books?

Yes, Cornelia Funke is still an active author and continues to write books. She has released several novels since her popular "Inkheart" trilogy, exploring new genres and themes in her storytelling.

Who illustrated inkheart?

Cornelia Funke (the author) herself illustrated Inkheart.

Is Inkheart the first book in the series?

No, Inkheart is the first book in a trilogy written by Cornelia Funke. The following books in the series are Inkspell and Inkdeath.

Is there a ferret in Inkheart?

No, there is no ferret in the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke. The story revolves around characters who possess the ability to bring characters from books into the real world.

What is your favorite book by Cornelia Funke?

Definitely Inkheart

Sequel to Cornelia Funke's Inkheart?

Inkspell and then Inkdeath.

Will cornelia funke write a 4th book in the Inkheart series?

Sadly, no. i wish she would they r really good books for everone