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Q: Is DDR and DDR2 memory compatible?
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Is ddr2 compatible with emachines t3624?

The emachines t3624 takes regular DDR memory. DDR2 is not backward compatible, and so will not work in your emachine.

Can you use a DDR2 RAM module in a DDR memory slot?

No DDR2 and DDR are not compatible and so you can not add DDR2 RAM module in a DDR Slot. Electrical specifications like voltage, signal pinout and even mechanical size and shape of modules are different.

How can you find information about the DDR ram memory on their laptop?

The DDR ram memory is a class of memory intergrated circuits which is used in computers. DDR has been superseded by DDR2 and DDR3 neither of which is either forward or backward compatible.

Do I need to buy manufacturer memory for my computer?

You don't at all! Just make sure it's compatible, such as DDR or DDR2 memory.

Is a ddr2 memory OK after being installed in ddr slot?

A DDR2 memory stick cannot be installed correctly in a DDR slot.

Is DDR3 memory backward compatible with DDR2 and DDR?

AnswerNo. DDR3 is not backward compatible with DDR2 and DDR. e.g. DDR3 has 1.5V power, DDR2 needs 1.8V and DDR needs 2.5V power. In terms of standard motherboard slots also the notch or the key for different memory modules is at different place for the three type of memory thus preventing any accidental insertion in memory slots which can damage the memory and or the motherboard. More Information:Gateway Tech Support said their Gateway MD7820u Notebook is compatible with both.SODIMM DDR3 might have the same pins as SODIMM DDR2.

Ddr2 and ddr1 speed is different?

Yes. DDR2 memory has double the transfer rate of DDR memory.

DDR and DDR2 are the same memory for laptop PC?

No, DDR and DDR2 are different types of memory. DDR2 supports higher speeds and has different socket. Check your laptop manufactore website to find out which type of memory your laptop works with.

Is 2Gb DDR2 compatible with pentium4 awrdacpi?

no . just the ddr 1 !!

Can you use Pc2-5300 on pc-3200 motherboard?

No, you cannot. PC2 is ddr2 type of memory when PC is ddr. Those types are not compatible.

What is the difference between DDR, and DDR2 memory?

The only difference between the two is that DDR2 has more memory than DDR. Some people also like DDR2 more because they say the hardware runs better.

Does a video card with ddr2 memory work on a mainboard with ddr memory?

assuming everything else is compatible, the memory is not an issue. many graphics card have ddr4 and ddr5 memory which isn't even available as RAM yet.

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