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demeter is the sister to zuez

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Q: Is Demeter related to other gods or goddess?
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Who was in Ceres the goddess family?

you'll find most of the gods and goddess are related to the other gods and goddess but Ceres is also Demeter which means her brothers and sister are Zeus Poseidon Hades Hera and Hestia and her daughter is Persephone

What are the gods of Demeter?

Demeter is a goddess; she does have her own cult and host of gods and goddesses as aides.

Was Demeter a beautiful goddess?

The Greek gods could control how pretty they looked so Demeter was a pretty goddess but not as pretty as most of the other goddesses.

When did the goddess Demeter live?

Demeter was born at the begining of time like all the gods.

How did Demeter come in this world?

The Greek goddess Demeter was the daughter of the Titan gods Rhea and Cronus.

Out of Greek gods who was the Greek goddess of crops?

The correct goddess of harvest is Demeter, mother of Persephone.

Why is Demeter a goddess?

Demeter is a goddess because she is needed for harvest and agriculture. He parents were the titans Kronos and Rhea. Read the story of pershephone.

Demeter was the goddess of?

Demeter is the goddess of fertility, and grain

How long did the goddess Demeter live?

Gods and Goddesses are the "Deathless Ones".

What Greek gods symbol was a sheath of wheat or barley?

The goddess Demeter.

How old did Demeter the goddess live for?

The ancient Greeks believed that gods and goddesses are immortal; therefore, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Demeter lived forever.

What was special about the way Demeter Greek goddess dressed?

I think what she wears is special, just like other gods and goddesses