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no it's not a birth's a disease caught way before birth..Down syndrome is when a person has 1 more chromosome than normal people.

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no it's not a birth's a disease caught way before birth..Down syndrome is when a person has 1 more chromosome than normal people.

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Q: Is Down Syndrome a birth defect?
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What is an example of a birth defect in which there is abnormality in the chromosome structure?

Down's Syndrome is an example of a birth defect characterized by an abnormality of the chromosome structure.

How do you get diagnosed with Down syndrome?

You are born with it, and it is a birth defect. Down Syndrome is caused by the addition of one chromosome, in the 21st chromosome.

Can someone who has Down syndrome pass it on How do they pass it on?

No, Down syndrome is not contagious. It is a genetic/chromosomal difference - some may equate it to a birth defect, others to a birth enhancement

Why do kids with Down syndrome have vision problems?

not all kids with down syndrome have vision problems, its just the way the birth defect takes on the nerves in the brain of the child

How is it possible for two people with down syndrome to produce a normal healthy child?

no because since they both have down syndrome, they will have 100 percent that they will have a down syndrome baby

Is there a treatment for down syndrome or cure?

Down syndrome, first described by a Dr. Down, is a sort of birth defect in which a particular gene is missing in the DNA strand of the victim. Since it is not a disease, there is no cure.

How do you spell downsimderum?

The genetic developmental defect is spelled "Down Syndrome" or sometimes "Down's Syndrome."

Is down syndrome chromosomal or a genetic defect?


Is there a certain age for fragile x syndrome to occur?

Fragile X Syndrome is a birth defect.

What does down syndrome mean?

it means that you have 47 chromosomes instead of 46.

What is Birth Effects?

To clarify, it is Birth Defects. A birth defect is an abnormality in a fetus or new born baby that changes developmental process. Such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or a Clef Pallet. Birth Defects cannot be changed, however, some can be corrected with medications or surgical procedures. Don't confuse a genetic disorder with a birth defect. Some birth defects can be from genetic disorders, but genetic disorders are not from birth defects. A whole in the heart is a birth defect, down syndrome is a genetic disorder.

Can black people have Down syndrome?

The answer is yes; any person of any race can have Down syndrome. Down syndrome is caused by a defect in the 21st pair of chromosomes.

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