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No "af" is a fan-made anime as far as I know.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-09 14:04:43
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Q: Is Dragon Ball af a real game?
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Where to get the game Dragon Ball af?

dragon ball af is not real they said this show will release in April 1st but it is not af stands for April fool

Dragon Ball af did xicor die?

dragon ball af and xicor isn't real

Is there a Dragon Ball af series?

No, Dragonball AF is not real.

Is there a super saiyan 5 in Dragon Ball Z?

in dragon ball af there was but dragon ball af wasnt really "real" (AF is april fools) in the dragon ball z and gt there was only a ssj4 no 5

Is Dragon Ball af a real show?

Dragon Ball AF is not a real show. Dragonball AF was created by the fans of the franchise. It has been said that it was an April Fools trick.

Where can you buy Dragon Ball Z AF?

Dragon ball z af is not real in USA only Japan and you cant buy it!

Is Dragon Ball af real or fake?


What year is Dragon Ball af going to make it to America?

dragon ball af is not real it started out as a April fools joke that's were it got the name af

Is Dragon Ball af real?

No. It is fake, well sort of. Dragon Ball AF was supposed to come out. The author wanted to do AF, but I believe the TV producers wanted to end it with GT. So AF is sort of like a hidden series. Dragon Ball AF is real, but they only have comic books and action figures.

Where to get Dragon Ball af?

It was a April fools joke in Japan after Dragon BallGT ended.It does not exist and what exist of Dragon ball AF is drawing rumors etc.. and also there are PS2 Games for Dragon Ball AF which are unofficial and I also have the game

What will the next series be after dragonball gt?

it will be Dragon ball AF false dragon ball af will not really happen AF really stands for April fools its not a real thing

What channel does Dragon Ball af?

Dragon Ball af is a Mixed Dragon ball z Mixed Dragon Ball Gt.But Dragon Ball Af never was true any way

Dragon Ball af release year?

its not real af stands for April fool

Does Dragon Ball Z AF exist?

its not real af stands for April fool

Where can you find Dragon Ball af?

dragon ball af does not exist

Is Dragon Ball af real in japan?

It isn't real anywhere because it isn't part of the official Dragon Ball franchise.

Is there a dragon ball af budokai 3?

The AF in Dragonball AF standis for "April Fools." It's not real.

What years does Dragon Ball af come on tv?

its not real af stands for April fool

Is Dragon Ball af going to be made in Miami?

its not real af stands for April fool

What is full form of Dragon Ball Af?

af stands for april fools it aint real

Is Dragon Ball af coming out?

I don't think there is a dragon ball AF

Is There going to be A Dragon Ball AF Game?

Even though there wont be a series on db af since Akira Toriyama the creator of the dragon ball series had moved on a long time ago there is a short PC game of db af u can find on the net. just search for a dragon ball af mugen and u'll get it

When will Dragon Ball AF be on TV?

Dragon ball AF does not exist. It is fan made.

What is after Dragon Ball Z af?

Dragon Ball AF is a fanmade anime there is no another creation of dragon ball Z after GT

Is dragon ball Kai the same as dragon ball af?

no because 1. dragon ball AF doesn't exist. AF stands for "April Fools." 2. dragon ball Kai is DBZ with a different interpretation.