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Yes Dylan Is Older Than Cole By 15 Minutes.

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Who was first cole or Dylan Sprouse?

Dylan sprouse is 15 min older than cole.

Who is older Dylan and Cole Sprouse or Justin Bieber?

Dylan and Cole are older. Dylan is also older than Cole by 15 minutes.

Who is the oldest Dylan or Cole Sprouse?

Dylan is 15 minutes older than Cole

Who's older Cole or Dylan Sprouse?

Dylan's 15 minutes older than Cole.

Is Miley Cyrus older than Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse?

She is older than them.I know that because Dylan and Cole Sprouse are like 15 or 16, maybe lower and Miley is like 19 or 18!

Who is older Justin Bieber or Dylan and Cole Sprouse?

Dylan and Cole Sprouse. The brothers were born in 1992 and Justin Bieber is born in 1994.The brothers are 19 and Justin is 17.Dylan is older than Cole by 15 minutes.

When is Dylan Sprouse birthday?

Dylan and Cole were born on the 4th August 1992. Dylan is 15 mins older than Cole.

Who is taller Cole Sprouse or Dylan Sprouse?

cole is actually taller than Dylan,

Who is older Cole sprouts or delyn sprouts?

Assuming you mean Cole 'Sprouse' - Dylan is 15 minutes older than Cole.

Is Brittany Sprouse older than Dylan and Cole Sprouse?

no .. she was born in 1994 they were born in 1992 :D

Who is older Cole Sprouse or Dylan Sprouse?

The Sprouses were born in Arezzo, Italy, to American parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright, who at the time were teaching at an English language school in Tuscany. Dylan, named after poet Dylan Thomas, is 15 minutes older than Cole.

Who is the eldest of the sprouse twins?

Dylan is. He is 15 minutes older than Cole. So that's makes Dylan older but Cole is taller :) so they both have a benefit :)

Who Taller Dylan or Cole Sprouse?

Cole is a bit taller than Dylan

Who is biggerst Cole or Dylan Sprouse?

Dylan is 15 mins bigger than Cole

How old is Cole Sprouse in real life?

he is 17. his brother Dylan is also 17, but he is a few seconds older than Cole.

Who is older Debby Ryan or Cole Sprouse?

Cole sprouse is older than her by 1 year

Is Dylan Sprouse older than Debby Ryan?

Yes. Cole and Dylan Sprouse were born August 4, 1992 and Debby Ryan was born May 13, 1993.

Who is older Dylan or cole?

Dylan is 15 min older than cole

Who is more popular Dylan or Cole Sprouse?

Dylan is definitly more popular than cole

Who is younger Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sprouse?

Cole is younger than Dylan by 15 mins.Actuall, 14 minutes and 30 seconds.:)i am a big fan of Dylan and cole, (Dylan is hot) but everytime i search there age differences its usually different. i know for definite that Dylan is older than cole.after searching, i think it is 15 mins. hoped i helped =D

Is Cole Sprouse 175 cm tall?

Yes, Cole Sprouse is also taller than his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse.

Do Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse act the opposite in real life than on tv?

Yes. Dylan is so smart and Cole is good with the ladies!

Who is the brother of Dylan Sprouse?

Dylan Sprouse has a twin brother who is 15 minutes younger than him called Cole.

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