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i think shes actually mexicano

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Constance Marie is her real name

george lopezs hero is Freddie Prinze

no it's WAPPAHHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Washington and his wife, mrs.Washington

King George III's wife was white. It was socially unacceptable during that time period for whites to mix with blacks.

geogre washingtons wife Its George and George Washington didn't have a wife, so the answer is Abigail Smith Adams Abigail Adams was the first lady to live in the White House, but George Washington DID have a wife. Her name was Martha Washington. But Martha and George couldn't have lived in the White House because it wasn't built yet. Even when Abigail moved in, it was unfinished. ( I think later, when Abigail was in her early 70's, the rest of the White House was built.)

George H W Bush's wife is Barbara. George W Bush's wife is Laura.

George wife name is joan

how did George Bolts wife die

George Lopez wife is Cuban.

The wife of George H. Bush is named Barbara; she is the mother of George W. Bush. The wife of George W. Bush is named Laura.

the wife of george William Gordon was Mary-Jane

yes george washington did have fun with hi wife.

How did King George the third meet his wife

In order for a person to have a wife, they must marry a female. George Carver did not have a wife because he did not get married.

Not sure if 1st wife was white, but current wife is definitely white.

King George the thirds wife was Lady Sarah Lennox.

George Washington Carver didn't have a WIFE!

yes George Lopez's wife did give him his kidney

yes George Washington did take care of his wife.

He didn't have a wife.

George Washington was in fact, gay, so he had no wife George and Martha, both 27 years old, were married on January 6, 1759 at her estate, The White House, in New Kent, Virginia. Rev. David Mossom , rector of St. Peter's performed the ceremony.

When did George Jung's Die

Yes George Washington did have a wife named Martha, and several children.

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