Is German fun to learn

Updated: 12/8/2022
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any language can be fun to learn with an open mind, but it will be challenging as well

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Q: Is German fun to learn
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Is German fun?

Yes german is fun and it's really easy You should learn it if your asking the question

How do you pick up a German girl you are 17?

Learn how to flirt with fun little German phrases.

German word for fun?

The German word for 'fun' is Spaß

Fun in German?

fun = Spaß

How do you say fun vacation in German?

Fun vacation in German is (lusticas ferien)

Why do people visit Germany?

Because it is so rich in culture. I am going to German in November becuase of the culture and also becuase it's a fun language to learn and going there will improve my German skills.

How learn to have fun?

It is so fun

What to learn french or German?


How do you say fun in German?

fun - (der) Spass

How do you say learn to learn in German?

learn to learn = lernen zu lernen.

How do you say good food and fun in German?

good food and fun is gutes Essen und Spaß in German.

What are codes for the fun brain fun arcade?

it helps you to learn in a fun way