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Guam is a US Territory, and while they vote in a "straw poll" to determine their choice of the candidates, their vote does not count.

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Q: Is Guam still a part of the U.S. and can the Guamese vote in national elections?
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Are people born i'n Guam Guamese?

No, people born in Guam are Americans.

Can the people of Guam vote in US national elections?


When was Guam National Olympic Committee created?

Guam National Olympic Committee was created in 1976.

When was Guam National Wildlife Refuge created?

Guam National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1993.

What is the National bird of Guam?

Guam is a territory and as of current does not have a state bird.

What is the official bird of Guam?

The national bird of Guam is the koko bird

What is the area of Guam National Wildlife Refuge?

The area of Guam National Wildlife Refuge is 95.745 square kilometers.

Are Guam citizens allowed to vote for the US president?

Guam citizens are US citizens. If you are born on Guam, you are a US citizen. But because Guam is a territory of the US (similar to puerto rico, US virgin islands, etc) they cannot participate in the general elections as Guam does not have an electoral vote. If a person from Guam moves to one of the 50 state and becomes a resident then yes they will be allowed to vote but that vote will be in their current state elections

What is the national flower of Guam?

the hibiscus

Where are the guamese originally from?

they are origanilly from south-central America. They traveled on boats to populate all the (present day) countries of the southern pacific islands. This is true if your of Polynesian descent, However Guam is closer to Asia. The decendants of Guam could be tied in with the Taiwanese. They're facial structure are stunningly similar. This could be their direct line of desendants. The island of Guam and its chain called the Marianas are actually part of the Caroline chain, which was later separated and identified for colonial claim. Guamanian would probably describe a person from Guamania. Chamorro in Spanish means the calf of an animal (the scrawney part, not the rump). So it would be safe to catagorize them as,"Carolinian" or "Guamese". I perfer "chamorro" not for it's spanish description, but its sounds nicer.

Why can't American Citizens of Guam vote in presidential elections?

Because Guam is a territory of the United States, and not a State. Only residents and natives of actual States can vote.

Is Guam still a colony of the U.S.?

Yes, Guam is currently a United States territory.

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