Is H2S O2 equal to S H2O?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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I'm no chemist, but I do know that you need to balance the sides in this and add another oxygen molecule to the products. the result would be S+H2O2 or SO+H2O (I think).

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Q: Is H2S O2 equal to S H2O?
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What is the balanced equation for the combustion of H2S?

Sulphur burns in Oxygen to form Sulphur dioxide in the following reaction: S+O2=SO2 Sulphur dioxide has a capability of reacting with oxygen to form Sulphur trioxide in the following reaction: 2SO2+O2=2SO3 By Prince Sambo Metallurgist

How you balance so2 plus h2s equals equals s plus h2o?

2h2s + so2 ----------> 3s + 2h2o

Why h2s is acidic and h2o is neutral?

H2S is only acidic in reference to water(!). Of coarse H2O is neutral referred to water because it is the S A M E .Even water can be both acid A N D base at the same time, though a bit weaker acidic than H2S, but a bit more stronger base.

What is the balanced equation of HNO3 plus H2S- S plus NO plus H2O?

2hno3+3h2s --> 3s+2no+4h2o

Can you reverse the change of sulphur burning to create sulphur oxide?

Sulphur burns in an oxygen atmosphere to produce sulfur dioxide. When this sag is exposed to hydrogen sulfide it creates pure sulfur. This is the Claus process, the heart of suphur production from sour (hydrogen sulfide rich) gas. In that process the sulphur dioxide comes from the combustion of a portion of the hydrogen sulfide. The reactions are: 2 H2S + 3 O2 → 2 SO2 + 2 H2O (for Hydrogen Sulfide combustion) S + O2 → SO2 (for Sulphur combustion) Whatever the source of the Sulphur Dioxide the reaction with Hydrogen Sulfide is: 2 H2S + SO2 → 3 S + 2 H2O

How could you separate sulphur and oxygen from SO2?

Here are two chemical reactions:2 SO2 + CH4 = S2 + 2 H2O + CO2SO2 + 2 H2S = 3 S + 2 H2O

Balance the following equation. B2H6(g) O2(g) B2O3(s) H2O(g) What is the stoichiometric coefficient for oxygen?

This chemica equation is:B2H6 + 3 O2 = B2O3 + 3 H2O

How many grams of sulfur can be prepared from 1.40 kg of H2S?

1.40 kg is equal to 1.40 / 0.03418= 40.96 mole H2S, thus 40.96 mole of S (sulfur) which is 40.96 * 0.03207= 1.31 mole S(0.03418 and 0.03207 are molar masses of H2S and S respectively in kg/mol)

What are 20 examples of combination reaction?

4K +O2 --> 2K2O 2Zn + O2 --> 2ZnO 4Fe + 3O2 --> 2Fe2O3 2 Cu+ O2 --> 2CuO K2O +H2O --> 2KOH CaO + 2H2O --> Ca(OH)2 2Na + Cl2 --> 2NaCl 2Fe + 3Cl2 --> 2FeCl3 Zn + S --> ZnS Fe + F --> FeS 3Ca + N2 --> Ca3N2 3Mg + N2 --> Mg3N2 C + O2 --> CO2 S + O2 --> SO2 N2 + O2 --> 2NO 4P + 5O2 --> 2P2O5 SO2 + H2O --> H2SO3 SO3 + H2O --> H2SO4 P2O5 + 3H2O ---> 2H3PO

How many grams of oxygen are needed to react with 2.5 grams of dihydrogen sulfide?

Sulfur dioxide is SO2, so there are 2 moles of oxygen for each mole of sulfur. In 25 moles of SO2, there are 25 moles of S, so there must be 50 moles of oxygen, or 25 moles of diatomic oxygen gas (O2).

What is the equation for photosynthisis?

The Simple AnswerThe word equation iscarbon dioxide + water => oxygen + glucosewhile the formula equation is6CO2 + 6H2O => 6O2 + C6H12O6To be more precise it is -6CO2 + 12 H2O => C6H12O6 + 6H2O + 6O2 (because O2 comes out from water)

How do you balance c4h8s2 o2 CO2 H2O so3?

Balance: C4H8S2 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O + SO3 Work out how many S, C and H on the left and then balance for the right. Then add up how many O this gives on the right and divide by 2 to get number of O2. C4H8S2 + 9O2 --> 4CO2 + 4H2O + 2SO3