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If you clasp your hand with your left thumb over your right, this is a dominant (more common) way of doing so. People who clasp their hands with their right thumb on top have the recessive genes. Left hand on top- Ll or LL right hand on top- ll

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Q: Is Hand Clasping a dominant or recessive trait?
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What is the differences between dominant and recessive?

Dominant trait is the one which is expressed when the homologous pair of genes controlling it are either homozygous or Hetrozygous dominant; on the other hand recessive trait has both genes to be homozygous recessive. in fact trait is controlled by the form of genes. Dominant gene expresses even when it is in the company of recessive gene. However recessive gene expresses only when in company of recessive gene

Why would a recessive trait appear more often than a dominant trait?

A recessive trait would appear more often than a dominant trait for two reasons. First, the dominant trait may be lethal, so that only those individuals with the recessive genotype will survive. Second, the majority of the alleles for a particular trait in a population may be recessive. This is the case for the number of digits on human hands. Almost everyone has five digits per hand, which is the recessive trait. This is because the vast majority of alleles for that trait are recessive in most populations. Very few people carry the dominant allele for six digits per hand. However there are isolated island populations in which the majority of people have six fingers.

Information on hand clasping genetic traits?

Well there are some genetic traits controlled by a couple of alleles (hand calsping, tongue rolling, ear lobe attachment, etc.). and there are other controlled by many alleles (as hair color, eye color, skin color, height, etc.). Hand clasping is one trait that, so far as I know, some people believe it is controlled by just one pair of allels other people think it is controlled by many of them. I prefer to believe hand clasping just has 2 alleles. Considering this, we can say that one of this 2 alleles is Dominant and another recessive, as usually, however there are some cases when both alleles are dominant. -What do I mean by dominant and recessive? Well, this means that if both are in the same locus for that genetic trait (or gene, it is the same) the dominant will be the one that will expressed in the person carrying these alleles for this gene (or genetic trait, it is the same =P). So in the cae of hand clasping, if you join the fingers of your hand (I do not how to explin it exactly), you should see wheter your right or your left thumb is up. If your left thumb is above your right that is the dominant trait expressing. And if your right thumb is above , well you have the reccesive allele expressing. I hope I had contribute. =) Giorgio. (15) - Perú

Why are there more right handed people than left handed people?

to be right handed is a dominant trait, the left is recessive, plus with the the left hand you put your hand in a more awkward postion. :) get it? hope you do if you dont know what dominant and recessive traits are, it has to do with genetics.

What is the difference between dominant and recessive alleles for specific traits?

Dominant is an allele that will always be expressed in a heterozygous individual. Recessive on other hand are traits that will only be expressed in a homozygous condition. Organisms receive one allele for each trait from each parent, thus you have two alleles for each trait.

Why do X-linked conditions appear more frequently in males than in females?

Because males have an X and Y chromosome. If the trait is X-linked (recessive), there is nothing to mask the expression. On the other hand if a woman has an x-linked recessive allele and a dominant one, the dominant trait is the one that will be expressed.

Hand in hand?

That I believe is clasping.

What is the difference between a dominant and a recessive allele?

Dominant is an allele that can be expressed in a heterozygous individual (ie. Bb) or homozygous dominant (ie. BB). Recessive on other hand are traits that will only be expressed in a homozygous recessive (ie. bb) condition. Under normal circumstances, dominant alleles are the ones expressed in the phenotype, while the recessive allele is not. For example (an extremely simplified example) an heterozygous individual for eye color. (genotype Bb), has one dominant allele, 'B', and one recessive allele, 'b'. Given that B is for brown eyes, and b is for blue eyes, that individual's phenotype would be expressed as brown eyes (and be recessive for blue eyes). Organisms receive one allele for each trait from each parent, thus you have two alleles for each trait.

How is probability related to genetics?

Probability and genetics go hand in hand. Mendel in his charts showed the probability of dominant and recessive genes being passed on to offspring. The desired trait could be cultivated knowing the probability of inheritance.

How does a dominant form of an allele affect the expressions of a recessive form of an allele?

If you have a heterozygous (one dominant and one recessive) individual, it will only express the dominant allele in complete dominance; if it's codominance then some sort of "combined property" resulting from both the dominant and recessive allele would be expressed. On the other hand if you have a homozygous (both dominant or both recessive) you needn't bother.

Can someone give you a List of dominant or recessive personality traits?

1. Shape of face (probably polygenic) Oval dominant, square recessive 2. Cleft in chin No cleft dominant, cleft recessive 3. Hair curl (probably polygenic) Assume incomplete dominance Curly: homozygous Wavy: heterozygous Straight: homozygous 4. Hairline Widow peak dominant, straight hairline recessive 5. Eyebrow size Broad dominant, slender recessive 6. Eyebrow shape Separated dominant, joined recessive 7. Eyelash length Long dominant, short recessive 8. Dimples Dimples dominant, no dimples recessive 9. Earlobes Free lobe dominant, attached recessive 10. Eye shape Almond dominant, round recessive 11. Freckles Freckles dominant, no freckles recessive 12. Tongue rolling Roller dominant, nonroller recessive 13. Tongue folding Inability dominant, ability recessive 14. Finger mid-digital hair Hair dominant, no hair recessive 15. Hitch-hiker's thumb Straight thumb dominant, hitch-hiker thumb recessive 16. Bent little finger Bent dominant, straight recessive 17. Interlaced fingers Left thumb over right dominant, right over left recessive 18. Hair on back of hand Hair dominant, no hair recessive 19. Tendons of Palmar Muscle Two tendons dominant, three tendons recessive

Which hand is more accurate when doing palm reading?

In palmistry, you read the dominant hand for the future and the recessive hand for the past.

Is having 6 fingers on one hand a dominant trait?

Yes having 6 fingers on your hand is a dominant trait. Most people who have this trait get the extra finger cut off after birth. There is a small group in the world where the people there have 6 fingers.

Is being left handed dominant or ressesive?

The answer is recessive. It is recessive because recessive is negative and left-handed is unordinary. Dominate people write with their right hand. Remember that!

In your own words what does the term recessive trait mean?

In DNA there are two types of a specific trait: recessive and dominant. You gain these traits from your mother and father. If the dominant trait is present, it always appears; even if the recessive trait is also present. It is easier to comprehend with an example. The trait of blue eyes (we will write this as bb) is always recessive. The trait of brown eyes is dominant( we will write this as BB). If a person has brown eyes they can have trait combination of either Bb or BB. Even though the recessive trait is present in the first possible combo the dominant trait appears because it is also there. If a person has blue eyes they can only have the trait combo of bb. Let's say these two people are your parents. Your mother having brown eyes with the combo Bb and your father having blue eyes (bb). Your father will have to pass on the blue eyed gene because that is all he has. Your mother on the other hand has a 50% chance to pass on the brown eyed gene and 50% chance to pass on the blue eyed gene. If she does pass on the blue eyed gene then you would have the pair bb therefore resulting in blue eyes. Your mother didn't just mystically create the recessive blue eyed gene; it was passed on to her. Some one of her bloodline had blue eyes before her and the blue eyed gene was passed on generation to generation ultimately resulting in your blue eyes. (The case is the same with your father.)

Hair on the back of the hand is dominant with the allele H and not having it is recessive with the allele h so if a mother is Hh and a father is hh which genotype will make their child not have hair?

H is a dominant trait for the hair color red. The trait for white hair is recessiv.The parents genotypes are HH x hh.What will the genotype of the offspring be?

What is an organism that has the same alleles for a trait?

homozygousHomozygousit means homozygous. if both alleles are recessive, the trait will be homozygous recessive. if both alleles are dominant, then the trait is homozygous dominant.An allele is a letter representing the alternative forms of a gene. In most cases, there will be a dominative allele, written as the capital letter (in this case, H, although the allele can be any letter), and there will be a recessive allele, written as the lowercase of the same letter as the dominative allele for that particular trait (h).These alleles can be homozygous (both the same, such as in a purebreed) eg HH or hh. On the other hand, they can also be heterozygous, meaning that the gene has one dominative allele, and one recessive allele. This is written as Hh.When something that is homozygous (either homozygous dominant, HH, or recessive, hh,) is bred with another homozygous that is the same, the offspring will have two identical alleles. For example, a plant that is homozygous with the alleles HH to produce the trait of red flowers, is pollinated by another plant, also homozygous HH for the trait of red flowers. The offspring will also have the homozygous alleles HH and will be a pure bred for red flowers.Such is the case for anything. If a gene has two alleles that are identical, it will be purebred for that particular trait produced by those alleles.homozygousIs homozygousl.homozygoushomozygous

Having hair on the back of the hand is dominant (H), and not having the hair is recessive (h). A mother has Hh and a father has hh. If they have a child, which genotype will make their child not have hair on the back of the hand?

(Apex Learning) hh.

Can girls be color blind?

yes, they can be. My friend Christy is. It is possible for females to be colour blind, but much more likely for boys. Colour blindness is a sex-linked trait, carried on the X-chromosome, and it is recessive. Boys only have one X-chromosome, which means that is they get the recessive colour-blindness trait, they will be colour blind. Girls, on the other hand, have two X-chromosomes. If they have one or two of the dominant traits, they wil lhave 'normal' vision. In order to be colour blind, girls have to inherit the recessive trait from both parents, and have it on both genes, unlike males, who only need one.

How is a recessive allele different from a dominant allele?

its different because adominant allele is in charge

What is a dominant hand in basketball?

Your mom is the dominant hand >:)

What is an example of exaggeration A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge is revered to as clasping, grabbing hand on a grind stone

In CPR why dominant hand is top on non dominant hand?

Dominant hand can be on top or on the bottom during CPR. It depends on which position is more comfortable while performing the compressions. There is no requirement to have the dominant hand on top.

Which is your fastest hand dominant or non dominant?

In my opinion it is dominant.

Why does writing look better with the dominant hand versus the non-dominant hand?

People have better fine motor skills with the dominant hand.