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yes; HCL is

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Q: Is Hcl a strong acid because it is highly ionized?
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Is a strong acid complete or partial?

A strong acid is completely ionized / dissociated.

Compare the degree of ionization of hcl and ch3cooh?

HCL is completely (or nearly 100%) ionized because it is a strong acid whereas the CH3COOH is partially ionized as it is a weak acid.

What is an acid like HCl that is completely ionized?


Is dilute hydrochloric acid a strong acid or a weak acid I need this by today thanks?

It is actually classed as a strong acid being fully ionized

What a strong acid dissolves in waterhow many molecules break apart?

All particles of a strong acid are ionized (protolysis) when dissolving in more water (dilute solutions)

Hydrochloric is a what?

Hydrocloric Acid is an acid which is highly corrosive strong mineral acid

What is the difference weak Arrhenius acid and a strong Arrhenius acid?

a strong arrhenius acid is more highly ionized while the weak acid isn't The greater the degree of ionization of an acid, the better its water solution will conduct a current. Hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acids ionize almost comploetely and thus are strong acids. Acetic acid and hydrosulfuric acid ionize only slightly and thus are weak acids. Credits: Prentice Hall Chemistry "The Study of Matter"

What is Lactic acid ionized into?

lactic acid, when ionized becomes lactate and hydronium ion.

You want all the name of weak acid and strong acid?

There are 7 aqueous strong acids (100% ionized in water) but there are thousands of weak acids. The 6 common monoprotic stong acids are hydrochloric, hydrobromic, hydroiodic, nitric, chloric, and perchloric acids. The only strong diprotic acid is sulfuric acid, where the first H is 100% ionized and the second H is almost 100% ionized in water. Reference: Brown and Lemay Chemistry text, and I taught advanced HS Chem for 10 years.

Is nitric acid a strong acid or a weak acid?

Yes. It is a strong ,highly corrosive and toxic acid.

Why can a buffer only buffer against a small amounts of acid or base?

A strong acid and a strong base will react together to produce a neutral salt. E.g., HCl (strong acid) and NaOH (strong base) will react together to form H20 and NaCl (salt). The salt is neutral (if you dump table salt into water, the solution will be neutral) this is because the Na+ and Cl- are perfectly happy being charged atoms. If you have something that doesn't really like to be ionized, which is a weak acid or base (for example acetic acid, (vinegar) which is only 1.1% ionized (charged) in a water solution) will only be ionized if something forces it to be ionized, i.e., a strong acid or base. When there is a mixture of a weak acid and its conjugate salt (or weak base and its conjugate salt) a buffer is formed. This is due to the fact that if you add some strong acid it will simply react with the conjugate salt, and if you add some strong base it will react with the weak acid. This is how they "buffer solutions" by keeping things pretty balanced. So to answer your question, a buffer must contain something that is only weakly reactive, and can react further when the need is present. A strong acid/base will totally react, so there is nothing left over to do any buffering.

Is h2so4 base salt or acid?

Sulfuric acid is a strong acid which is highly soluble in water.