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It depends on the type of future you want, but it is a interesting topic

As the original answer said it depends on you personally (whether you are a mathematics brain or a humanities brain) but it is an important subject "Without history you might as well have been born yesterday", Mathematics (financial mostly) is also important, but history is quite an important subject (but it also depends on whether you have an avid interest in it), but overall it should be considered an important subject (even if you aren't good at it you should still be able to appreciate it's importance).

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You should choose history over geography only if a choice must be made. Both subjects are vital to understanding the world which, one day you will have to live in, work in, make decisions about. Both history and geography are subjects that you can never learn enough about. History is intrinsically connected to geography, history is intrinsically connected to people, history is our guide to the future.

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Q: Is History is an important subject at school?
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