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Uhm no. It's actually pretty easy if your average is 85%+ and you're an al rounder.

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Q: Is IB at Turner Fenton for grade 9 hard to get into?
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What is pre-ib?

Pre-IB is the material learned in the IB program in the 9th and 10th grade 11th and 12th grade is IB material

How hard is it to jump into Grade 11 IB?

Addition to the Question: Okay so right now I am Academic in grade 10 moving over to grade 11 Ive been getting all 90 grades Some core classes such as mathematics Ive gotten closer to 100 but then again some ranging below 90 but in the high 80s I have also done Grade 11 academic math over summer which i got a 84 in Considering the time giving and difficulty of the course i think i did well Recently Ive been given the chance to jump into the Grade 11 IB Meaning I will be doing IB without the pre IB grade 9 and 10 courses So I was wondering how hard will it be for me and if I should even consider doing it?

What are the benefits of IB?

If in IB you get an average 7 percent weighting on your overall grade. This can help you and hurt you because grades may go down because IB is a lot more dificult than a regular class and colleges see both the weighted and unweighted grade.

How do you have an A in math I have a 79?

Well, the key is to study hard, and pay a lot of attention I am a freshman taking Algebra 2 IB (International Baccalaureate Program) and I have a 98% average. Just try hard and the grade will come up!

What grades do you need to get into LSE to study economics under the IB Program?

IB specifies that you can make an application with grade of 38. However, you are required to get higher grades in HL Subjects. However, that being so, many students do get that grade and a lot will depend upon your personal statement as also the fact as to how much better grade you obtain your IB course. The closer to 45, the better it is.

How to prepare for IB Exams efficiently?

To work hard with consistency

How much does it cost to take the ib test at colonel by?

$20. Not that hard...

What is a good electricity science experiment for a grade 9 IB student?

that is a tough one..partly due to the fact that

Where can you take IB courses online I live in Canada. I would be taking full IB except i dropped math because it was hard. I want to replace math . I want to still get the Ib diploma. c my question?

Are you sure you can drop math? I think you would be getting a non IB diploma. You can take higher level or standard level, but if you don't take the IB course my understanding is you wouldn't get the diploma. I am not aware of IB online. You might try going to the official IB site.

What IB Maths SL grade is equivillent to AP calculus AB level 4 OR 5.?

Somewhere between a 5-7 depending on how well you test and the internal assessments. As I understand it, Calculus AB is more in depth on calculus subjects than ib math but there are more topics in ib math.

What percentage is needed to get a 7 in the IB?

On average you would need 75-85% depending on how hard the test is. This is because the IB only awards 7s to about 5% of all tested candidates.

What is an IB score?

An IB score is the score you get after you have taken your IB (International Baccalaureate) exam. It's similar to the American AP or British A levels. You can either take diploma or certificate, and it's a two year course. If you take the diploma programme than the Ib score is out of 45. You will take 6 subjects that are marked out of 7 and the last three points can be awarded with getting a good grade on your TOK presentation and extended essay.