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Is JCPenney open on Thanksgiving day?


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No. No stores are really open on Thanksgiving.

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Neither will be open on Thanksgiving day but both will open early on Black Friday.

staples does open after the day of thanksgiving

Most Starbucks are open on Thanksgiving Day.

Yes, Safeway is open on Thanksgiving Day.

Wendy's is not open on Thanksgiving day. However, they are open the day after on Black Friday, which is usually a busy day, because there are people who go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

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Yes, it is open the day after Thanksgiving.

Meijer stores are open all day on Thanksgiving Day. They are open 364 days a year for 24 hours a day. They are not open on Christmas.

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ruby tuesday IS open on thanksgiving.

No, it isn't open on Thanksgiving.

Target,walmart, kmart,sears are open on Thanksgiving Day.

No, O' Reilly Auto Parts store is not open on Thanksgiving Day. The store will open back up on the day after Thanksgiving.

I work at a Hardees and were open all day on Thanksgiving

It is open 10am-6pm on Thanksgiving day.

Yes it is, infact there is a sale :)

Target is open from 6am -11pm the day after Thanksgiving.

No, Big Y is closed on Thanksgiving Day.

No The Post Office Is Closed On Thanksgiving Day

No, the post office is not closed the day before Thanksgiving. It is closed on Thanksgiving Day, a federal holiday. It will be open the day after Thanksgiving.

Yes, Food Lion is generally open on Thanksgiving, but they are usually open from 7am to 3pm on Thanksgiving Day.

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