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No, it is a homogeneous substance.

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Is jello heterogeneous?

If it has fruit or chunks of other stuff in it, then it is heterogeneous. If its just pure jello, its a homogeneous mixture.

Is jello a mixture or a pure substance?

Mixture because it is water and the powdered jello stuff.

The definition of a heterogeneous substance?

a heterogeneous substance is when the substance of a mixture is not spread out evenly.

Is iron ore a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Iron ore is a heterogeneous substance.

Is kerosene a heterogeneous substance?

Yes. Kerosene is a heterogeneous substance i.e. a mixture.

Are substances heterogeneous mixtures?

if a substance is a mixture then it is heterogeneous.

Is a pure substance heterogeneous?

It wouldn't be Homogeneous or Heterogeneous, cause it is a substance which is not mixed with anything. So it would simply be a compound.

Is wood a homogeneous or heterogenous substance?

wood is a heterogeneous substance..

Is granite a heterogeneous substance?

Yes, granite is heterogeneous matter, i.e. a mixture.

Is granite a homogeneous substance?

No, it is heterogeneous.

What is Gelatinises?

To become like a jelly/jello substance.

Is granite homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Granite is a heterogeneous substance. This is due to the fact that it does not appear to be consistently made of one material. An example of a homogeneous substance would be water.

Is jello with fruit homogeneous or heterogeneous?

It is heterogenous becasue it have two thing mix toghter

Is iron ore homogenous substance?

Iron ore is a heterogeneous substance.

Is jello a pure substance?

It is possible to have pure jello, in that it consists entirely of jello and has nothing other than jello mixed into it. Of course, there are several different chemicals that make up jello. So it depends upon what kind of purity you are looking for.

Is soil a heterogeneous substance?

If you can see through it, it's homogeneous. If you can't, it's heterogeneous.

Is the mixture of ammonium chloride and salt heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Heterogeneous: Mixtures of more than one substance are always heterogeneous.

What is the process of gelifying?

Making something into a jello like substance

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