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Q: Is John Barbre the father of Allen Barbre and is Allen Barbre's paternal grandfather the same Allen Barbre who played highschool basketball in Deweyville Texas and was married to LouNae Doiron?
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Who is Luke Skywalker's paternal grandfather?

Luke Skywalker doesn't have a paternal grandfather.

What is paternal great grandfather?

"Paternal" means "on your father's side". Your paternal great-grandfather would be one of your father's grandfathers.

Who is the Jonas Brothers' paternal grandfather?

Jonas Brothers' paternal grandfather's name is Paul Adam Jonas.

Who was charlemangne's grandfather?

His paternal grandfather was Charles Martel. His maternal grandfather was Caribert of Laon.

What relation is my father's grandfather to me?

He would be your paternal great grandfather

Who is Zuko's grandfather?

Zuko's paternal grandfather is the late Firelord Azulon.

Is my fathers father my grandfather?

Yes, the father of your father is your "Paternal Grandfather".

Who was Lincoln named after?

Named after his paternal grandfather.

Which saint was the paternal grandfather of Jesus?


How do you say grandfather in Tamil?

Thaatha - GenericAppappa - Paternal GrandfatherAmmappa - Maternal Grandfather

What is a short sentence using the word paternal?

The father's paternal instincts kicked in as he held his son. He was named after his paternal grandfather.

Who was Jesus' paternal grandmother?

We do not really even know Jesus' paternal grandfather. According to Matthew, Jesus' paternal grandfather was Jacob, but Luke says that his paternal grandfather was Heli. Records of female ancestors were not normally kept in ancient times, so there is little chance of knowing the name of his grandmother.

What is Michael Phelps' paternal grandfather's name?


Who is danae's grandfather?

Maternal: Lacedaemon Paternal: Abas

Is Robert downey Jewish?

His paternal grandfather was Jewish.

What is the Scandinavian word for grandfather?

Farfar is your paternal grandfather. Morfar is your maternal grandfather (in Swedish-- there are 5 Scandinavian languages).

Was Richard of Normandy William the conquerors paternal or maternal grandfather?

Richard II was the father of Robert, and Robert was William's father. So Richard was William's paternal grandfather.

Who was the grandfather of Aurangzeb?

The paternal grandfather of Aurangzeb was Jahangir, fourth Mughal Emperor of India. His maternal grandfather was Asaf Khan.

What is Michael Jackson's grandfather's name?

Prince Albert Scruse was his grandfather's name, his paternal grandfather was called Samuel Jackson.

Who is the grandfather of Jacob?

His paternal grandfather was Abraham, while his maternal grandfather was a man named Bethuel (who was also Abraham's nephew).

Who was Mary tudor's grandfather?

Her maternal grandfather was Ferdinand King of Aragon and her paternal grandfather was Henry VII King of England

Is Joe flacco's grandfather's name Nick Flacco?

Paternal Grandfather - Joe Flacco Maternal Grandfather - Tom Madden

Is Emile Hirsch Jewish?

Emile's paternal grandfather was Jewish.

What Mary Cassatt's paternal grandfather's name?

loser ville

Where did Abraham Lincoln get his name from?

He got his name from his paternal grandfather.