Is Jordans a Nike shoe

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2009-07-02 06:10:04

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Yes because Nike makes jordans

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2009-07-02 06:10:04
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Q: Is Jordans a Nike shoe
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What is the best shoe brand Nike air or jordans?

nike air

What is the coolest shoe in the world?

Nike air jordans

Who invented Jordans?

Michael Jordan invented the Jordan shoe, but Nike is who currently makes the shoe.

Does Michael Jordan own Jordans or does Nike?

That's easy...Micheal Jordan does...he went to nike asking for a shoe line and made his own...therefore he owns it. _________________________________________________________ no Nike owns Jordans its like a FOrd Mustang, or better yet Lincoln you never see ford(nike) on the car(shoe) but it owns Lincoln(Jordans)

Is Nike the highest paid shoe brand?

i think so because nike bought air jordans.

What product does nike sell and how much do they sell them for?

They sell Jordans from about $100.00-$350.00. Hope I Helped! Jordans -The shoe.

Does nike make a pink jorden shoe for kids?

Yes Jordans do come in pink.

List shoe names?

Nike,sketcher,k swish,etnies,dc's,and jordans

Did Nike invent Jordans or Jordans invented Nike?

nike invented the jordans but later it got modified by Michael Jordan

What is the best selling Jordan shoe?

The Jordan 11 shoe is sold out and is therefore unavailable from reputable shops. There are many websites that claim to have this shoe available, but these are not recommended as there is no purchase protection and the sites are likely to be a scam. Somewhere like WeeReplica which sells AirJordan sneakeers is the best option.

When did Nike make the first pair of Air Jordans?

The first Air Jordan shoe was released on November 1984.

What are jordans called when they have a Nike and Jordan on it?

They are just Jordans. Nike owns Jordan and that's why on retro jordans you see nike air a lot. The OG or original jordans had nike air on them and that's why when the Jordan 3 and 4 came out with nike air on the back, it was a big deal.

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