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Is Judge Judy a real judge?

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She was a judge, but she retired. She is now a arbitrator, deciding legal cases that otherwise might have been settled in Civil Court. Other than returning misappropriated property, litigants on her TV show are not legally responsible for monetary awards she orders, as these are paid by the show.

Judge Judy (Judith Scheindlin) retired from public service in 1996, after 14 years, presiding over 20,000 cases as a judge in New York City. She is still a qualified attorney in the State of New York.

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Is Judge Judy real?

Judge Judy is a real judge. The cases are also real however they are re enacted with actors.

Is judge judy a real life judge?

Yes, Judge Judy worked as a judge in the family court in New York before her reality T.V show.

Is Aunt Judy actually Judge Judy?

"From what I have found, no, Judge Judy is not Aunt Judy. Judge Judy is an American judge who takes public cases on television. Aunt Judy is someone else."

When did Judge Judy pass away?

As of the 26th of September 2017, Judy Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, is still alive.

Why do people watch Judge Judy?

Judge Judy is basically a famous judge. She is very popular, so that's why people watch Judge Judy.

Did Judge Judy die today?

No. Judge Judy is still alive

What is the duration of Judge Judy?

The duration of Judge Judy is 1320.0 seconds.

Can someone give you undeniable proof that Judge Judy is a fake?

That would be really hard to do. Judge Judy, real name Judith Scheindlin, is a real lawyer who a was a prosecutor for 10 years in New York City family court before becoming a judge in criminal court in New York City, where she served for 13 years and presided over 20,000 cases, and is still licensed to practice law in New York State. Judge Judy is a real woman, a real lawyer, a real judge, a real wife, a real mother, a real grandmother, a real celebrity with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Exactly what about Judge Judy is supposed to be fake.

How tall is Judge Judy?

Judge Judy is 5' 1" tall (1.55M)

Judge judy birthday?

Judge Judy was born October 21 1942.

Who is cooler lebron James or judge judy?

Judge Judy when she did her strip tease.

Did judge Judy have a Jewish background?

Yes, Judge Judy identifies as Jewish.

When was Judge Judy created?

Judge Judy was created on 1996-09-16.

What is a famous judge?

Judy Garland Judge Judy Shinlin (probably not spelled right)

Judge judy die in 2016?

No, as of February 2017, Judge Judy is still alive.

What is the most you can sue for on Judge Judy?

Judge Judy has a maximum $5,000 that she may reward.

What state is Judge Judy filmed?

Judge Judy is filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Past or present name a tv judge?

Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Wapner, Judge Joe Brown

Is judge judy a real show?

Is it a real show? lol..I sued the real kramer, Kenny Kramer on Judge Judy in California. I was paid airfare and costs to stay and go to L.A.. Our case as partially fixed. i was approached by a judge judy research person in nyc small claims court. i was told if i filed suit , it would be on judge judy. Kenny Kramer was supposed to do a benefit for the non profit of my choice. he never did that. After the show I was snubbed and not even given a video tape. My suit brought the largest audience i was told of any Judge Judy show. I only got $3000 for expenses.

TV's Judge Judy was originally Family Court Judge Judy Sheindlin in what city?

New York

Why does byrd the baliff on judge judy have such an attitude problem on the show?

Judge Judy gets on his last nerve!

How long has Judge Judy been on television?

Judge Judy first started airing in September 1996.

Are the stories on Judge Judy real?

According to the intro of the show "The people are real, the cases are real, the rulings are final"

Was judge judy to marry fire ball Roberts in1964?

Judge Judy was NOT, but Judith Judge was indeed engaged to marry Fireball Roberts at the time of his death.

Was judge Judy the first on TV?

No Judge Judy was Not the first real judge on TV to try cases. There was the judge on the TV show; Divorce Court and the judge on the People's Court. Back in the 1950s, there were probably a lot of cheap shows, with real judges trying cases on TV, because the networks are always interested in programs that don't cost a lot of money and bring in the ratings. I doubt if Judge Judy is even the first woman judge to have her own tv show. TV has been around since the end of the 1940s. There have been a lot of shows that have aired in the last 60 years.